Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Brandel Chamblee, on TV and ‘the truth’

Golf Channel’s analyst talks with Ann Liguori about commentary, how to trim the verbal fat on TV and his role behind the golf mic

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Host Ann Liguori visits with Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee, and they discuss whether he thinks golf commentators should be more critical on the air. “For the most part, golf has been a very genteel world,” Chamblee said. “Superlatives, yeah, they get overused. The reasons you should use superlatives sparingly is because when something really and truly great comes along, when you have lavished every shot, every player, every event, every course with superlatives, then they’re diminished, such that when you actually do need to say something is great or extraordinary, then it is no different than everything else that you have called great or extraordinary. For the most part, superlatives are the fat, and you need to cut the fat and wait until it’s appropriate.” Chamblee adds: “It’s my job to tell the truth. Sometimes it’s hard to find the truth.” Chamblee also talks about the entities that are trying to lure top players from the PGA Tour; the PGA Tour’s reaction to a proposed rival tour; his opinion on the Player Impact Program and lots more.

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