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‘Perplexing and annoying’? It must be Alex Miceli’s work

Reader flags Miceli’s claim that Jon Rahm erred in not being fully vaccinated, leading to positive test and negative Memorial result

I usually enjoy reading Alex Miceli’s articles, but this one I found to be both perplexing and annoying (“Jon Rahm’s COVID-19 caper at Memorial could have been avoided,” June 7). Miceli seems to infer that Jon Rahm had been in some way negligent in not being fully vaccinated.

I live in the United Kingdom, and here we have been vaccinating those in most danger from COVID first: clinically vulnerable, then very elderly, and down through the age groups. Right now, 25-40-year-olds are being called for their first vaccine shot. So, Rahm would not have been fully vaccinated if he lived in the U.K. or in his native Spain.

Rahm is an otherwise healthy guy in his mid-20s. Is Miceli saying that he should have priority for vaccination over older people who would tend to suffer worse consequences if they contracted COVID? Now, very possibly I am getting this all wrong, and COVID vaccines may be freely available over the counter in the U.S. to anyone who can pay for them, but I still think that Jon Rahm would have felt it morally wrong to “skip the line” and jump ahead of those whose needs were greater.

I know this issue had a huge bearing on the Memorial Tournament, and it was highly regrettable, but Miceli’s article appeared to blame Rahm, whereas he really deserves our sympathy, just as winner Patrick Cantlay deserves our applause (“Patrick Cantlay picks up where Jon Rahm left off at Memorial,” June 7).

Alex, please get back to writing about golf, and leave the medical and moral questions to those more qualified.

Robin Lawson
St. Andrews, Scotland

Trickle-down economics
Jon Rahm’s failure to get vaccinated cost his caddie $167,400 (the customary 10 percent of the winner’s share).

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va. 

That sounds like an out-of-this-world request
I get it ... we all love to complain. It’s what we do.

Having said that, has Morning Read received any correspondence from folks about the U.S. Women’s Open coverage on NBC that changed to Golf Channel before the third playoff hole? (Editor’s note: Yes, we did, and it can be found here.) For those of us who work, or otherwise could not watch it live and therefore have to record it, we all missed out. We can send a man to the moon, or a rover to Mars, but we can’t keep up with channel changes.

On another note, the PGA Tour coverage had so much hissing noise from microphones picking up bug noises from the cicadas that it was unwatchable. Ugh.  

Can a fellow just be able to watch some golf and enjoy it? And is watching the entire match too much to ask?

Rich Tarvin
Roseville, Calif.

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