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Jon Rahm's cautionary tale

PGA Tour players should take a cue from Rahm’s misfortune at Memorial and get vaccinated against COVID-19, reader advises

I understand that in a free society we make our own decisions about our health. However, I don't understand the reluctance by many PGA Tour players to keep themselves and the public safe by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Here's hoping that Jon Rahm's unfortunate withdrawal from the Memorial Tournament will cause some rethinking of that position (“Jon Rahm tests positive for COVID-19, forced to withdraw from Memorial after taking 54-hole lead,” June 5).

Jim Grosjean
Tucson, Ariz.

Black eye for CBS
I am sitting here trying to watch the Memorial Tournament. It is very hard to do when CBS switches to “Eye on the Course” and the small screen and then six minutes later switch to regular commercials and after that another seven minutes later go back to “Eye on the Course.”

I can’t enjoy the tournament. I will have to DVR the rest of the tournament so I can watch it later on this evening.

Commercials are necessary but not to the extent of what they are doing.

Just as I write this, 10 minutes has passed from televising golf and CBS is back with more commercials.

Arthur Buonopane
Winchester, Mass.

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