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An uplifting tale of perseverance

Mike Purkey inspires reader with commentary about Erik Compton and Michael Visacki competing against long odds on PGA Tour

Mike Purkey hit a home run with his column in Wednesday’s issue of Morning Read (“Spirit of humanity finds an eager partner in golf,” June 2).

How refreshing and uplifting it was to hear the stories regarding Erik Compton and Michael Visacki and their participation in the Charles Schwab Challenge. Stories about looking the grim reaper right in the eye and winning not once but twice, and then playing golf at the highest level. Stories about grinding away on the mini-tour circuit, winning many times yet wondering where the rent, food or gas money would come from next, just to follow your dream. It’s called perseverance.

Now, add to Compton’s and Visacki’s stories, the kindness and generosity exhibited by Charles Schwab in extending both men exemptions into the Colonial to continue to follow their dream of professional golf, and about the check that Justin Thomas slipped to Visacki on Friday just to help him keep his dream of playing golf for a living alive, as well. It gives one faith that there still are good people out there.

Thanks, Mike Purkey, not only for making my day but I’m certain that of many others who read your column.

Bill Boutwell
Jacksonville, Fla.

Female golfers get what they deserve
I have to disagree with reader Peter Croppo, who writes that the female golfers deserve more TV time ("From the Morning Read inbox," June 2).

They never will be able to compete with the PGA Tour for obvious reasons: They aren't as good or as popular. The LPGA Match Play was a letdown, with so many of the star players skipping the tournament. I also have a problem with course setups for the women being much too easy for such talented players. The shortness of courses, especially the par 5s, is a joke.

The setup of Olympic Club for this week’s U.S. Women’s ​Open will prove my point. Many scores will be under par, holes will be short, greens slow and fairways wide. Give the women the credit. They are very good, but these setups are too easy. They never seem to have a chance to prove how really good they are because of easy setups. It’s as if the governing bodies don't want to embarrass the women by making major championships tough tests.

Gregory Tatoian
Port St. Lucie, Fla.

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