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Golf needs more match play

Recent LPGA event reignites reader’s ‘love of match play’ while sparking ideas about how to expand 1-on-1 format

Congratulations to all involved with the LPGA Match Play, especially champion Ally Ewing (“Ally Ewing creates memorable 1st wedding anniversary,” May 31).

I admire Shanshan Feng's decision to skip the useless third-place match. It never should have been on the schedule in the first place.

My love of match play was reignited by the thrilling 38-hole U.S. Women's Amateur final in 2020 between eventual winner Rose Zhang and Gabriella Ruffels. Let's have more of it.

To me, the Tournament of Champions and even the Tour Championships are ideal settings for match play because of their limited fields. I envision a format in which every match counts and every player plays every day, with one-round consolation medal play, rewarding only the win, place and show finishers.  

Frank Mauz

LPGA deserves more TV time
I know you’ve heard this before from me regarding the LPGA getting better exposure on TV: What is the tour to do?

A fantastic venue, Las Vegas’ Shadow Creek, gets offered for a really terrific event, but virtually nobody watches. Yes, a better date on the schedule would get more top players, but more to the point, there’s only so much TV time available, and eyeballs drive a broadcast schedule.

How many viewers truly would miss the European Tour in the morning on Golf Channel? How many would miss the lame programming around the noon hour on a Sunday? If advertising dollars drive those programs, maybe the LPGA is missing the mark in acquiring sponsors to fund better broadcast times.

Well, maybe the reality is that if Mike Whan couldn’t pull it off, it ain’t gonna happen.

Peter Croppo
Bayfield, Ontario

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