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Reader reacts to ‘snarky’ Alex Miceli

‘Get over yourself,’ reader advises Miceli, noting his Phil Mickelson commentary shows ‘unrelenting cynicism and sense of superiority’

I was going to let go Alex Miceli’s snarky article on Phil Mickelson’s brief press conference appearance (“Phil Mickelson emerges as story of week, but too bad he doesn’t want to talk about it,” May 22), and again Miceli’s snarky article in Monday’s Morning Read in which he essentially says Mickelson won only because those who lost to him didn’t play better (“PGA runners-up lament what might have been,” May 24). Then I saw reader Peter Kaufman’s letter in defense of Miceli and just couldn’t (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 24).  

I don’t recall any of the articles after Tiger Woods’ improbable Masters win in 2019 cite a similar reason for his victory – the collapse of Francesco Molinari and Brooks Koepka after the 12th hole – but it is certainly the truth.

While Mickelson may, indeed, be a “petulant professional golfer” (I have no idea whether that’s true), I would submit that Miceli is a petulant professional hack whose unrelenting cynicism and sense of superiority are wearing very old.

Miceli has been wrong about everything, from the reopening of the PGA Tour last year to Mickelson’s win this year, and nearly everything in between.

Really, Alex, get over yourself and give it a rest in the old-writers' home. You are as outdated as Old Tom Morris’ golfing outfits.

Judith Bradt
Montgomery, Texas

Miceli gets it wrong again
Alex Miceli wants to bad-mouth Phil Mickelson? (“Phil Mickelson emerges as story of week, but too bad he doesn’t want to talk about it,” May 22).

Calling Mickelson “petulant” and someone who “disrespects the norms of the game” after he agreed to only a three-question interview after the second round of the PGA Championship is what is disrespectful.

Maybe Mickelson was tired, or maybe he had to do something else besides appease the press. He is always around signing autographs. He talks to the press all the time.

Miceli is the same guy who thought he should go to Saudi Arabia and abandon his own country. Miceli also is the same guy who said Mickelson never would win another major championship.

Alex, give it up. You’re a long way from the top of your game.

Larry Ashe

Passing Pepper
Several readers have written about their criticism of CBS’ coverage of the PGA Championship, and I concur in much of what was written (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 25). But I want to express my considerable admiration of Dottie Pepper for her part in the show.

I always look forward to her insightful commentary, and it was especially good that weekend.

One thing I did regret was this: I noticed Pepper standing in the background as winner Phil Mickelson was making his way from the 18th green to the scoring table, taking congratulations along the way. I so hoped that he would notice her and go over to speak to her, because in my mind she played a big role in bringing this special event to the public. Sadly, he didn’t notice her, and it didn’t happen. Too bad. 

John Gullatt
Austin, Texas

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