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An ‘insult’ to golf fans

Reader struggles to slog through commercials during PGA Championship, leaving him to wonder about leaders’ motives

I have spent some time Thursday trying to watch the PGA Championship. I am disgusted by the frequency and number of commercials.

The coverage is an insult to the very people who watch and support the PGA Tour. We all know how much advertising pays for TV coverage, but the PGA of America seems to prefer money in the coffers rather than attracting watchers.

If the PGA leaders hope to draw people to the game, I believe that they are going about it in the wrong way.

Paul Sunderland
Los Angeles

Players should read putts, not caddies
I always have felt that caddies should not be allowed to assist in reading putts (“PGA misses mark with its pace-of-play move,” May 19).

Green reading is supposed to be a skill inherent to the sport. It is not right that a player with a better green-reading caddie should have an advantage over a competitor. 

Joe Moran
Asheville, N.C.

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