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Truth and laughter: A winning combo

Dan O’Neill’s commentary on televised golf coverage leaves Texas reader in stitches, and that’s the truth

That commentary by Dan O’Neill was one of the best and most humorous articles I have read in a long, long time (“Only thing super about golf on TV: The superlatives,” May 18).

When O’Neill wrote, But in the days and hours prior, golf can linger just behind bowling and slightly ahead of “Little House on the Prairie” reruns in the Unofficial World Nap-Inducing Rankings, it really hit home with me. I love golf and have been playing for more than 60 years, but golf on TV usually puts me to sleep. O’Neill’s descriptive references from Monet to Waffle House were priceless, indeed.

I will look forward to more articles that tell the truth, but in a way that makes us laugh.

John Allen
Grapevine, Texas

Spot-on, Dan-O
Thanks, Dan O’Neill (“Only thing super about golf on TV: The superlatives,” May 18). Very entertaining and accurate.

Michael Hendrixson 
Malvern, Pa.

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