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Would Saudi shuffle imperil Mickelson’s pension?

If not, reader contends that Phil Mickelson should set sail for Saudi Arabia, and he still might have a shot at Ryder Cup captaincy

Phil Mickelson probably has north of $100 million in his PGA Tour pension, which potentially could be impacted if he were to sign on with the Saudis (“Phil Mickelson should take Saudis’ money,” May 10).

If his pension isn’t impacted, it would be a no-brainer. He probably still could captain a Ryder Cup.

Rich Schlaack

‘Parody’ is in eye of beholder
I reread Dan O'Neill's recent article  (“So, there’s no place like sports? If only that were true,” May 5), and I fail to see the parody that reader Peter Ludwig suggests (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 7). But interpretation is in the eye of the beholder.

To reiterate O’Neill’s point, sports- and entertainment-industry figures may want to restrain themselves and their comments on social issues. Sadly in today's climate, everyone believes that his opinion is the most important one.

And reader Charlie Jurgonis, who has a burr under his saddle and frequently writes about the 501(c)(6) nonprofit status of the PGA Tour (“From the Morning Read inbox,” May 7), should take a nap.

Dave Richner 
St. Johns, Fla.

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