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And now, it’s time for ‘The O’Neill Report’ …

Reader applauds Morning Read contributor Dan O’Neill for ‘parody’ of wokeness and sports worthy of a Stephen Colbert skit

I thought for a while that Dan O'Neill's "woke is bad for sports" rant was serious, despite its clichés, social-media codewords and paint-by-number arguments (“So, there’s no place like sports? If only that were true,” May 5). O’Neill was, after all, complaining about a campaign being run by ESPN, one of Morning Read’s competitors.

Then I realized that he actually was executing a clever over-the-top parody (similar to what we used to see on “The Colbert Report”) satirizing the “get off my lawn” victimhood of white, male, conservative sports fans (“our sacred sports space is now contaminated with disagreeable ideas”).

Well done! 

Peter Ludwig
Englewood, Colo.

A caveat for O’Neill
I always look forward to Dan O’Neill’s articles, as they are usually insightful, complete and very frequently amusing. This one, not so much (“So, there’s no place like sports? If only that were true,” May 5).

Save for O’Neill’s anecdote regarding high school Latin (similar experience enjoyed here), I have to ask: What happened? In a world that surely needs to be toned down, O’Neill seems to have chosen to amp it up.

O’Neill mentions that this is a golf space and then goes on to mention it almost not at all. If he can't see the Georgia voting laws beyond how they relate to the percentage of Black players in MLB, then I must begin to question what he does see going on across his nation. As an outsider, I appreciate that I may not see what O’Neill sees, but as a man with a master’s degree in American history and politics, I do feel that I have a bit of a sense of history.

Regarding the NHL's Canadian cities, I offer that having traveled extensively in the U.S. and in Canada, I can assure O’Neill that most Canadians are up to speed on George Floyd and other issues throughout America. To suggest that Americans have a similar knowledge of its neighbor to the north would be laughable. But I digress. Sorry (pretty Canadian, eh!).

Baird Heide
Bradford, Ontario

Hey, at least he’s still got horseshoes
I stopped watching football when I no longer could find the Washington Redskins channel (“So, there’s no place like sports? If only that were true,” May 5). Baseball has lost me as a Nationals fan, with the All-Star Game’s move to a state that has more restrictions on voting than the new law in Georgia.

The PGA of America moved its 2022 PGA Championship, and the PGA Tour canceled Doral because the resort was owned by President Donald Trump. I thought the NHL would be safe; silly me.

At least the local horseshoes club seems to be safe, for now, although I'll wait and see on that.

Geoffrey French
Frederick, Md.

Slow play could be part of PGA Tour’s business model
Maybe this story about Major League Baseball is why the PGA Tour is not making pace of play a priority. More time translates into more wagers, and more wagers mean more vigorish for the Tour. And maybe that’s the pot of money that the Tour is using to fund its Player Impact Program ("In its bid to move needle, PGA Tour might get pricked," April 30).

I would think that gambling “commissions” do not fall into their not-for-profit mission statement and would therefore be taxable. But if they can offset non-mission statement expenses against that revenue, it could reduce the tax impact to zero.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

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