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Let’s tone it down, everybody

It’s only natural that our growing tribalism would lead to division in sports, too, but it doesn’t have to be that way, reader contends

It seems either naive or disingenuous to complain about the invasion of political correctness and tribalism into the coverage of sports in general and golf in particular (“So, there’s no place like sports? If only that were true,” May 5).

We live in a country where we now divide over pretty much everything, from the results of an election to wearing masks in public, to whatever the latest clash du jour is that is playing out on cable TV and the Internet. The fact that this has infected our leisure time and escapist activities such as golf is both a sign of the times and a warning of how destructively polarized we have become, and many are guilty. It doesn't have to be this way.

If others truly are as disturbed by this trend as I am, maybe we can try to change the direction we are headed. Golf can help.

I play with people regularly who are on the opposite end of the political/cultural perspective from me, and we have a great time. They are people, not the enemy.

Dan O'Neill (and the rest of us) might better serve the cause by de-escalating the rhetoric and encouraging respect and understanding among those of us from differing perspectives. 

Jim Hirsch

O’Neill strikes a chord with commentary
If I know anything at all about Morning Read readers, it’s that Dan O’Neill’s commentary strikes a chord (“So, there’s no place like sports? If only that were true,” May 5).

O’Neill summed up my position in a very eloquent manner. Note that he doesn’t take a position on the merits of what he called “wokeism” in sports; his objection is to the venue. It seems that his position runs counter to the one offered in the past by Morning Read’s Alex Miceli.

I see both sides of the issue, but at the end of the day I don’t attend or view sports to be indoctrinated by the Left. The “woke to broke” boycotts are hurting many ventures today. The pushback from fans and customers is very real. Unfortunately, it’s not the know-it-all millionaires such as LeBron James who are hurt. It’s the little guys who are laid off.

Thank you, Dan O’Neill.

Daryl Lott

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