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Dan O’Neill got it right, before he got it wrong

‘Gratuitous slaps at social-justice movement’ prompt reader to grab his keyboard in defense of ‘female readers and those of color’

I’m in total agreement with Dan O’Neill and his points regarding Wayne Player and Augusta National’s approach to his lack of judgment or decorum (“Don’t hate Masters in the Player game,” April 15). And, I really appreciated the word play. 

It seemed to me that O’Neill took some liberties with a couple of gratuitous slaps at the social-justice movement. Some gross generalizations to make his point, painting the entire movement with one brush as he wrote: Is it authoritative? Yes, sometimes even petty. But in this present culture of cancellation and corporate spine-bending, the forbidding texture is refreshing.

And, say what you will about Martha Burk, but that was a seminal moment in the history of women’s rights. O’Neill should know that the concept of private, male, predominately white clubs, while on the surface seems an appropriate expression of American liberty, plays a darker role in the power equation in this country. To insinuate that Augusta National bravely stood up to the women’s movement sounds suspiciously like a dog whistle to those who harken back to the good ol’ days.  

I play golf, and I’m a middle-aged white guy. But, I’m sensitive to the centuries of subjugation that women and people of color have endured and give them a little slack, even if they occasionally are passionate beyond logic. O’Neill would be well served to consider that thought. He needn’t “cancel” himself. If O’Neill decides to stray into social-justice issues as a golf writer, this golfer would like it to be a bit more balanced. In other words, he can make a great story out of this situation without the extraneous stuff that is likely hurtful or offensive to Morning Read’s female readers and those of color. 

Richard Jepsen
Alameda, Calif.

A marketing misstep
I share Dan O’Neill’s perspective on the shameless hype by Wayne Player, and I don’t buy the b.s. coming from him or his father, Gary Player, that he didn’t realize what he was doing (“Don’t hate Masters in the Player game,” April 15).

Wayne Player thought he might be getting a free plug, horning in on the Lee Elder ceremony. What I hope he gets is a lot of offended patrons and other golf enthusiasts refusing to buy his product instead.

What goes around comes around.

Peter Croppo
Bayfield, Ontario

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