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Reader rips NBC’s ‘wretched practice’

‘Playing Through’ segment needs to go the way of the 8-track tape and land in the dustbin of history, Canadian contends

I see that several other readers have chimed in about NBC’s “Playing Through” feature of golf broadcasts (“From the Morning Read Inbox,” April 6; April 7). Let me add my voice in opposition to this wretched practice.

The ads during the miniaturized broadcasts accomplish absolutely nothing. If I'm really interested in what is happening on the golf course, I couldn't care less about what these sponsors have to offer me. So, I mute the sound.

Why would I want to listen to anything that disrupts my attention to the golf being played? Then again, I might decide it's not worth squinting at the pictures and just fast-forward through the whole bit. (I was really bemused by some action during the LPGA’s ANA Inspiration that featured a couple of unidentified players on an unidentified hole, playing for an unidentified score. Yikes!)

Really, this is such a ridiculous “invention.” Let's hope it goes the way of Betamax and 8-track.

Tim Schobert

Golfers worth following
True story: These girls can play.

I really did enjoy watching the women play the recent ANA Inspiration (“Patty Tavatanakit completes wire-to-wire victory on LPGA,” April 5). They can hit it, and they play smart golf.

I would follow them any time.

Bill Bamber 
Edmonton, Alberta

ANA Inspiration holds its own against Valero Texas Open
Reader Charlie Jurgonis might have a great point about how the women’s game is being failed and relegated to something less than second-class status by the major tours and TV networks (“From the Morning Read inbox,” April 7).

We all recognize that TV money is predicated by the numbers of eyeballs watching, but is that just recognizing the issue before we find the fix?

Hopefully, we’ll find a resolution sooner rather than later as the ANA Inspiration was just as interesting and exciting as the Valero Texas Open last weekend.

Peter Croppo
Bayfield, Ontario

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