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‘Best-run tournament in the world’

Reader cites reasons why Masters rates as golf’s favorite major event, especially absence of idiots, cellphones and green books

Reader Blaine Walker is a regular contributor to Morning Read, and I love to read his opinions, but his comment about the worthiness of the Masters as a major is way off base (“From the Morning Read inbox,” April 5).

Ask the players which tournament they would like to win the most, and I have no doubt that the Masters would be the one, with the U.S. Open a close second. Yes, the Masters has a limited field, but every top-50 player in the world is there. Do you need more than that?

I’ve been to the Masters, and I’ve been to the U.S. Open, and there is no comparison. The Masters is by far the best-run tournament in the world, and there isn’t a close second. No ugly white corporate tents, no cellphones, no idiots in the gallery permitted, no ridiculous green books allowed for the players, and forget about "lift, clean and place"; it ain’t happening at Augusta National, the most beautiful and iconic golf course in the world.

Watch the player interviews in the media room and see how they talk about how important this tournament is to them. It certainly is and always will be “the major” for them, and that’s all you need to know.

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

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