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Even golf’s fairways can be rough

Reader contrasts Bryson DeChambeau’s ‘free relief’ at Bay Hill and Lee Westwood’s divot downer with reminder: Life’s not always fair

How is “free relief” fair? (“Bryson DeChambeau authors Arnie-like victory at Bay Hill,” March 8).

Bryson DeChambeau gets a free drop from the supposed interference of his stance near a sprinkler head at Bay Hill’s 16th green Sunday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, as posited by NBC on-course reporter Roger Maltbie. DeChambeau then proceeds to arrange the line on his ball from off the green.

Later, on the 18th hole, Lee Westwood drives his ball onto the fairway and into a divot, with no relief?

For me, this does not add up.

Golf is like life. It’s not fair, but a simple change of the rules could go a long way toward leveling the fairways.

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.

Stuck in a divot? Hey, it could be worse
Landing in a divot in the middle of a fairway or a footprint in an un-raked bunker is “the rub of the green” (“Bryson DeChambeau authors Arnie-like victory at Bay Hill,” March 8).

My golf mentor called them “opportunities for greatness.”

When an opponent whines about those misfortunes, I play along and pour gas on the fire, because I know that he is now easier to beat.

Play the course as you find it, and be glad that you are golfing and not doing some chore at home.

Stephen Cooney
Pottstown, Pa.

PGA Tour’s soul for sale, so make offer
No mention of the questionable and favorable rules interpretations that Bryson DeChambeau received (“Bryson DeChambeau authors Arnie-like victory at Bay Hill,” March 8).

It’s all too common for these rules officials to bend the knee to star players and forgo integrity.

Roger Maltbie, NBC’s on-course reporter, called the ruling Sunday at the 16th hole questionable but received no support from analyst Paul Azinger.

The bigger joke is how PGA Tour players don’t know the rules and cannot even take most drops without a rules official. This really slows play.

And what was up with the decision on Saturday to play “lift, clean and place”?

The PGA Tour is selling its soul for the almighty dollar.

Gary Cohen
Great Neck, N.Y.

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