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Reader blames Tiger Woods’ crash on ‘top-heavy’ SUV

Porsche driver contends that German cars handle curves and hills at high rate of speed that Genesis and other lines can’t negotiate

I disagree that Tiger Woods fell asleep behind the wheel of his SUV (“Tiger Woods might have been asleep at wheel, report says,” March 2).

In my opinion, the Genesis GV80 sport-utility vehicle is at fault. It couldn't handle a fast speed around the curves and hills like the German cars can. It was top-heavy. Perhaps Woods hit a bump or couldn't make the curve tight enough and lost control. Thus, the flipping and of course no brake marks as he was in the air.

They can't admit the car couldn't handle the road. I drive a Porsche, and most German cars are made for these kinds of roads. I think Woods is used to a car handling that way. He probably was going above the speed limit for that kind of car, but not for the German cars.

Obliviously, he was rushing to get to his appointment and not realizing how this car handles. I don't think this theory is being considered, or if it is, it would be terrible for that car manufacturer.

Don’t blame it on Woods having fallen asleep.

Rene Leoni
Boca Raton, Fla.

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