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Don’t write off Tiger Woods so soon

Mike Purkey ignores reality in dismissing Woods’ chances of a comeback: 'Hey, he’s Tiger Woods,' reader notes

Was this article necessary? (“Don’t expect another Tiger Woods comeback,” March 2).

Mike Purkey's self-indulgent reminders are actually cruel. Everyone with a brain knows that the battle Tiger Woods faces will be so uphill that only a superhuman effort can get him back on a course again, let alone in competition, but it is ridiculous to write him off. He doesn't need to hear this gloom and doom, and neither do we.

Hey, he's Tiger Woods. Let's wait and see.

Shirley Stuart
Berkeley, Calif.

Woods still has a chance
I'd like to join the many golf fans in wishing Tiger Woods “bonne chance” on his recovery to a normal life, much less golf (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 1).

Years ago, I had a friend who suffered a broken back. Then, while working on a car, it fell on him. He survived the accident but ended up spending several months in bed healing and exercising, with better nutrition. He recovered and, lo and behold, his back healed nearly to normal. His mobility increased and pain disappeared, and he walked well without the use of his cane.

I'm not saying that Woods will have this cure, but certainly with the great care, better nutrition and physio that we have today, he stands a chance to return to some normalcy. Maybe not to top-level golf, but he most likely will be able to beat the pants off of hackers like the ones that read this newsletter.

All the best to Tiger Woods, his family and team.

Patrick Scott
Lakewood Ranch, Fla.

Golf Channel’s new motto: Hey, we’re better than nothing
I very much enjoy watching the LPGA, because I am a 10 handicap and can come close to hitting some of the shots that the LPGA players make. On the other hand, I cannot even think about the 200-yard 8-irons and 350-yard drives on the PGA Tour, so Golf Channel’s move of the LPGA to streaming late evenings sucked (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 2).

I wound up watching the LPGA live online, which was excellent. I still love the instruction and play on Golf Channel, and I will watch a lot of golf coverage, but never live. I record what I want to see and then play when I choose.

Having Golf Channel is still better than before it started.  

Bruce Mahon
Elgin, Ill.

GoFundMe campaign could rescue Golf Channel from NBC
I share the opinions of those readers who commented on the shameful broadcast decisions for the LPGA last weekend (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 2).

Is this really what we should expect going forward? Obviously, there aren’t that many overlapping tournaments for the PGA Tour, but will we see the same disrespect for the LPGA when there is a potential Korn Ferry event?  

We’ll have to wait a few months to review the stats regarding viewers of the “Golf Today” show (terrible program) combined with actual golf broadcasts, but could there possibly/hopefully be a GoFundMe movement in the future to help facilitate NBC’s finding a buyer for Golf Channel?

It can’t come soon enough.

Peter Croppo
Bayfield, Ontario

Blame NBC Sports
Don't confuse what Golf Channel is doing with the real culprit here: NBC Sports (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 2).

NBC Sports is the one calling the shots for Golf Channel and sets the viewing lineup. The network totally screwed up when it didn't show the LPGA and broadcast the Puerto Rico Open. The P.R. tournament had not only second-tier players but also third-and fourth-tier players, with a few toward the top.

The LPGA presented a strong field of top players who were much more exciting and fun to watch.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

Is Golf Channel digging its own grave?
I want to add my voice to those who have been disappointed with the changes at Golf Channel (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 2).

Can Golf Channel possibly be intentionally producing an inferior product? As crazy as it sounds, that's the way it seems to me.

The bottom line is that I'm spending significantly less time tuned in to the station.

Nothing good ever lasts.

Richard Caponetti
Broomall, Pa.

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