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LPGA deserves more respect from Golf Channel

Tape-delay broadcast in favor of PGA Tour’s ‘second-tier’ event ignores ‘huge strides in quality’ on women’s tour, reader contends

It was refreshing Monday morning to see Morning Read’s lead story reporting on Nelly Korda's win at the Gainbridge LPGA event (“Nelly Korda keeps LPGA titles in family,” March 1).

It is especially welcomed in light of Golf Channel's inexplicable decision to tape delay all four rounds of the LPGA's resumption of the tour’s 2021 season, depriving loyal fans of this great product after nearly two months of inactivity, in favor of the PGA Tour’s second-tier Puerto Rico Open.

The LPGA has been making huge strides in the quality of its product, with a diverse and talented lineup of the finest female golfers of the world, and Golf Channel does have an outstanding team covering the LPGA’s tournaments, with excellent commentary headed by Judy Rankin, Karen Stupples and Jerry Foltz.

Now, let's pay the LPGA the respect it deserves by providing live coverage of these excellent tournaments.

Leonard Ratzlaff
Edmonton, Alberta

NBC never would have done this while Arnie was alive
Reader Robert H. Young wrote and asked what has happened to Golf Channel (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 1). It moved to a golfing wasteland in Stamford, Conn., for one reason.

NBC Sports is not that interested in golf, and I suspect the parent network eventually will sell Golf Channel. The new show is boring and at a terrible time. You could get good guests in Orlando, as so many top pros live in the area. I doubt that many PGA Tour pros live near Stamford. 

It says a lot about NBC that the network never hinted at moving while Arnold Palmer, one of Golf Channel’s co-founders, was alive.

Would someone please step up and buy Golf Channel and bring it back to what it was before? It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s a nice thought.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

Golf Channel’s Hack job
This past weekend, we had the best female golfers in the world playing on a fabulous golf course in the Gainbridge LPGA at Lake Nona in Orlando, Fla. (“Nelly Korda keeps LPGA titles in family,” March 1).

Golf Channel chose to show a PGA Tour opposite-field event live and relegate the LPGA – and Annika Sorenstam’s first competition in 13 years – to taped coverage at low-viewing nighttime hours.

It’s just another indication of how Golf Channel has deteriorated into a really poor operation. Co-founder Arnold Palmer must be rolling over in his grave. Golf Channel dumps Gary Williams and forces Damon Hack on us.


Larry Guli
Charlotte, N.C.

Reader asks Ralph Lauren for a ‘do-over’ with Justin Thomas
Dear Ralph Lauren,

Please consider this letter to be a request to remove Justin Thomas from timeout. He made a mistake, and he has paid for it a couple of times over. In the two months since you dropped him, he has lost his grandfather, and just last week, his friend, neighbor and mentor was involved in a horrific car crash. That’s a lot for a 27-year-old to handle in two months. There are no do-overs for the loss of his grandfather and crash by his close friend, but you can give him a do-over.

Thomas was found guilty in the court of public opinion by using a word that recently has been determined to be derogatory (it is used more than once in the film “Animal House,” which is considered by many to be a classic). He didn’t direct this word at any person or group; he aimed it at himself or his golf ball. There was no malice or hatred in his one-second supposed private utterance. Other sports figures have made worse comments without any repercussions – consider Charles Barkley here – and their apology was end of story. Thomas’ apology wasn’t.

Unlike athletes in baseball, football and basketball and Catholic schoolkids, golfers don’t wear uniforms. We wear what’s most comfortable, what fits our personality and what makes us look and feel good. Justin Thomas just looks out of sorts without his Polo pony personality. 

Punishment is supposed to fit the crime. I think he has paid the price. If you want to fine him the way CitiGroup did, OK. But let him out of the corner. 

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

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