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Van Sickle nails his point about Tiger Woods

Morning Read contributor captures ‘human side’ of Woods’ car crash and what it means beyond golf, reader contends

Finally, someone writes a piece about Tiger Woods that hits the nail on the head (“Tiger Woods faces biggest test, and it’s not about golf,” Feb. 24).

Fifteen minutes after the car crashed, countless sports reporters were on TV discussing and projecting how long it will be before he is winning tournaments and majors again. Really? I was hoping he would recover well enough to play with his son, Charlie – not competitively, just be able to play. 

Thank you to Gary Van Sickle for his thoughtful article. He caught the human side of all this.  

David Erfort
River Forest, Ill. 

A focus on what matters most
That was one of the best articles I have read in years (“Tiger Woods faces biggest test, and it’s not about golf,” Feb. 24).

Well done, Gary Van Sickle, and thank you for emphasizing what is really important: life.

Sam Albert
Reading, Pa.

Tiger Woods can draw inspiration from Ben Hogan
Tiger Woods’ legs will be a problem but remember Ben Hogan (“Tiger Woods faces biggest test, and it’s not about golf,” Feb. 24).

After his crash in 1949, Hogan was told that he never would walk again, but look at his record afterwards.

Bob Jones
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Don’t forget that Woods had physical issues before crash
All of the recent accounts of Tiger Woods’ surgery, recovery and possible return to professional golf are forgetting one thing. At the time of his crash, Woods was undergoing daily rehab following his back surgery. He admitted in the CBS interview with Jim Nantz on Sunday at the Genesis Invitational that he still was not ready to swing a club and was working only on putting motions.

We also don’t know whether the crash had any effect on his back. Even if it didn’t, I would expect that rehab to be shelved for a significant amount of time. I’m not a doctor, but I would suspect that if and when Woods is able to begin rehab on his back, he’ll be a lot further behind than he was last Monday.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

What happened to Golf Channel?
Golf Channel is a shadow of its former self. Typical Comcast leadership.

The morning show was great and is much missed.

Robert H. Young

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