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It’s time to stand behind Tiger Woods

Reader recalls how late Seve Ballesteros provided inspiration on a truant day in 1976, and Woods evokes similar feelings for golf fans

Gary Van Sickle wrote a brilliant article on Tiger Woods and encapsulated so much (“Tiger Woods faces biggest test, and it’s not about golf,” Feb. 24).

Tiger Woods is about the golf shots, and the fantastic enthusiasm he has for playing the game, and now we need to pray and send positive health vibes, and massive encouragement as he fights this next battle. It is about recovery; it is about health; and, as Van Sickle wrote, it is about what is important in life.

I was inspired by the late Seve Ballesteros. I skipped school aged 12 in 1976 and watched him play at Gleneagles in Scotland, when he was 19. I went and watched him on the practice ground – phenomenal. He created my love and passion for the sport. Woods has done the same, and there will be many like me who thank their lives, their careers and their passions to a sporting hero.

Now, just as with Ballesteros when he was struggling, we just need to be there and support Woods.

John Bushell
Guildford, England

Don’t be so quick to put Tiger Woods and golf in past tense
Thank you so much, Gary Van Sickle, for your compassionate, beautifully written article on Tiger Woods’ disastrous accident (“Tiger Woods faces biggest test, and it’s not about golf,” Feb. 24).

I have one small quibble: Van Sickle wrote, “. . . remember just how important he was to golf.”

Woods still is important to the sport, and always will be. His whole career has been a game-changer, and who knows what we might see in the future. Talk about true grit.

Shirley Stuart
Berkeley, Calif.

Questions about Woods incident
Yes, we all hope that Tiger Woods will be OK, but shouldn’t we also ask about what the hell was he doing that caused that crash? (“Tiger Woods faces biggest test, and it’s not about golf,” Feb. 24).

Obviously speeding, probably texting. Thank God that he’s OK and that nobody else in those other lanes was hurt.

What I always wonder is why is someone such as Tiger Woods is driving anyway. I guess it’s the only time he has privacy. In the back seat of a Rolls-Royce would be the way to get around Los Angeles.

Larry Ashe

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