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More technology isn’t always better

Mike Purkey’s opinion on ‘sordid state of affairs’ in social media cautions readers against venturing down ‘rabbit hole of negativity’

As someone who recently has commented on a negative reaction to certain commentary in Morning Read, I find that it’s only right and fair to pass along positive reactions to columns.

I thought Mike Purkey’s take on the sordid state of affairs of today’s social-media world was spot-on (“Golfers favor safe shot with social media,” Feb. 23).

Purkey eloquently expounded on the slow-but-steady disintegration from the original purpose of social media, as a way for people to stay connected, into the rabbit hole of negativity and cesspool of today’s climate.

This is an example of how more technology isn’t always a good thing. I’m pretty sure that society was better off in the days before social media.

Well done, Purkey.

Jon Lucas
Little Rock, Ark.

Making sense of the outrage
Sometimes it is necessary to remind oneself that if common sense had a dollar value, a lot of people would be broke.

If a network announcer is not your favorite, turn down the volume or switch the channel. Maybe, and only if you are the mayor, should you write a letter and take umbrage that your four corners of the world was not identified correctly as the site of an event (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Feb. 23).

C'mon, man!

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

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