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Ready for ‘The Riv’

Reader marvels at risk/reward appeal of Riviera Country Club as longtime home of Los Angeles Open welcomes return of PGA Tour

The PGA Tour’s West Coast Swing is about to end, and my favorite golf course on tour is about to be displayed once again: famed Riviera Country Club, a George Thomas gem in the iconic “cool” part of greater Los Angeles called Pacific Palisades.

Riviera is where Corey Pavin (1994, ’95) and Freddie Couples (1990, ’92) have won Los Angeles Opens. It’s a course that favors no one except those who think and accept the fact that in every round, risk/reward factors into every hole like very few venues in America.

It’s one of two “Hogan’s Alley” sites, along with Colonial in Fort Worth. It will be a great field this week.

No wonder Ben Hogan loved the place. So do I.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

Toy story
Almost all of the dozens of courses where I play have 150- and 200-yard markers. Unless I am way off the fairway, that is all I or any other average golfer needs to determine my club choice.

Distance-measuring devices are just a toy for people to play with, another distraction, like mini speakers blaring music and rudely disturbing people who are actually trying to play golf.

Yes, it’s me, the old man who is asking you to get off his lawn.

But honestly, does it really matter whether you think you’re about 170 yards from the green, or do you really need to know it’s exactly 167? Did some reader actually say that women at her club use two and three DMDs at once because they don’t trust them? (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Feb. 15).

Like I’ve said a million times in my golf life, “Please just hit the damn ball!”

We’re waiting.

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

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