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Keeping her distance from DMDs

Reader has no need for a distance-measuring device, which she concedes she probably would lose anyway

The main reasons a distance-measuring device is not in my bag are 1) losing it on the course; 2) forgetting to charge it; and 3) distracting from my train of thought.

Occasionally, I will ask a fellow golfer for distance but normally trust my eyes as to which club to pull. Of course, when my drive lands in the fairway on a par 5, out comes the 3-wood – no distance device necessary.

I have played in our club championships (and won) against women who use two or more DMDs. Go figure. One opponent had four because, she didn't trust just one.

If used correctly, no extra time is needed.

Kitty Russell

Students of slow play
Reader Tom Nenos wonders whether college golfers’ use of rangefinders causes any slowdown (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Feb. 12).

I encourage him to watch the big college tournaments as players look 2-4 times at each shot, confer with the group of coaches available and take forever to hit their shots.

I have almost stopped watching top-level golf due to the slow play of these kids.

Garen Eggleston
The Villages, Fla.

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