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Readers issue split decision on John Hawkins’ Pebble Beach bash

One reader’s perceived ‘insult to golf fans’ is music to another reader’s ears in reaction to Pebble Beach Pro-Am minus the ams

Is John Hawkins suffering from cover fatigue? His rant about how great it will be at Pebble Beach not to have the amateurs was an insult to golf fans (“Why this week’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am could be best ever,” Feb. 9).

The long-standing tradition of the celebrities’ participating is not a “slime down,” as he so distastefully referred to it, but a chance for the fans to get a few laughs during mostly boring golf. I’d rather see Bill Murray play and offer some comic relief, which the country needs, than see millionaires walk 18 holes and never crack a smile, even though they are playing for millions of other people’s money.

No fans and no celebrities, so the scenery of Pebble Beach will have to be enough, But, it won’t be the same, no matter what Hawkins thinks.

Larry Ashe

It’s no acting job as ‘Human Chain’ provokes human’s pain
John Hawkins took the words right out of my mouth (“Why this week’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am could be best ever,” Feb. 9).

When I first learned that no amateurs would be playing at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this year, I told my wife, “Can you believe it? I'll finally get to watch the Pebble Beach tournament without having to see Bill Murray make snow angels in a sand trap. Or a once-famous musician strumming a guitar behind some tee box. Won't even have to see a swing analysis of some overpaid CEO!”

But I’ll bet we'll still get to see the 134th replay of “The Human Chain,” when in 1987 Clint Eastwood, Peter Jacobsen, Greg Norman and caddie Pete Bender dangled Jack Lemmon over the edge of a cliff on the 16th hole at Cypress Point.

I guess that's a good thing. Wouldn't want to make it all about the golf. We might go into shock.

Dave Metzger
Hot Springs Village, Ark.

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