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Give pros some space and remove greenside microphones

When in contention and on TV, touring pros face even greater scrutiny without having to watch what they say, reader contends

There are certain drawbacks for a top-10 player who is consistently on TV or being interviewed. Every swing is either live on TV or shown a few seconds later. It's sort of like when playing in the last group on Sunday and competing on greens that have been trampled on by 130 or more players and caddies. That's the price paid for leading or being near the lead of a tournament on Sunday (“Justin Thomas incident puts all golfers on notice,” Jan. 22).

Another disadvantage of being near the lead: Not only is every swing shown on TV, but everything spoken also is aired.

Greenside microphones should be eliminated. They are not needed. The golf announcers in the tower and the on-course reporters talk so much that it's a miracle we can hear anything good or bad at all.

Layne Yawn
Jonesboro, Ark.

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