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Phil Mickelson should compete against guys his own age

Father Time and Mickelson have met, reader notes, and it’s no surprise who’s holding a commanding lead in that match

I disagree with John Hawkins (“Phil Mickelson has nothing to gain on Champions Tour,” Jan. 26).

Phil Mickelson no longer is competitive on the PGA Tour. He is obsessed with hitting the ball as far as he can and has lost his great putting touch. He needs to drop his ego and play on a tour that he can dominate, just as Bernhard Langer does.

Vijay Singh, who once was one of the best on the PGA Tour, learned his lesson. The young guys are too good. It took Singh awhile to realize that he is no threat to win on the PGA Tour.

Can you imagine Michael Jordan trying to play in the NBA again?

Father Time and Mickelson have met. Mickelson should play a few favorite tournaments on the PGA Tour, but his future in competitive golf is on the Champions Tour.

Langer proved that life can be a bowl of cherries on the Champions Tour. That would be a similar story for Mickelson. He should pack in the ego and dominate on the Champions Tour.

Gregory Tatoian 
Port St. Lucie, Fla.

If Jeff Babineau can minimize the nonsense, why can’t NBC?
That was a great review of the LPGA event over the weekend by Jeff Babineau, and the best part: He needed only about a dozen words to convey the nonsense side of the event (“It’s LPGA showtime as Jessica Korda wins opener,” Jan. 25).

If only NBC could realize what a jewel it has access to, the network would not have wasted so much airtime on that drivel.

Why has it taken so long – still waiting – for TV executives to accept what Pat Bradley and many others have been saying for years?

Could this possibly be an unspoken reason why Mike Whan is resigning as LPGA commissioner?

Peter Croppo
Bayfield, Ontario

Playing by today’s ‘rules’
Reader Peter S. Kaufman made some thoughtful points (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Jan. 26), but one of them got me thinking a bit more than the others.

Of the “horde” of people supposedly offended by Justin Thomas' slur, how many actually were offended, as opposed to just pretending to be offended because today’s “rules” require it? 

It’s obviously a rhetorical question, but it's an important one, and I'm fairly certain I'm not the only person asking it. 

Among other things, therein lies the quandary for corporate sponsors in today's cancel-culture society.

Jim Westerman
Hanover Park, Ill.

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