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Readers square off: Miceli vs. Trump

In commentary calling for 2022 PGA Championship to be moved from Trump National Bedminster, Alex Miceli hits a few nerves

Alex Miceli once again feels the need to lecture the unwashed masses about President Donald Trump. I don't entirely disagree with him, but that's not the point (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).  

The U.S. justice system is rooted in some critically important tenets, none of which has anything to do with the application of Occam's razor or the political ramblings of sportswriters. The guilt or innocence of Donald Trump should be determined by evidence, in a court of law, not in the kangaroo court of public opinion, which tends to be more about what's fashionable than factual. 

What Miceli is suggesting falls directly in line with today's cancel-culture movement: the shout-down, censorship and in some cases even destruction of people's lives for failing to conform to a prescribed narrative or agenda. (See: social media.)

That's not part of what's right with America right now; it's part of what's wrong with it, and it's extraordinarily dangerous. History proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that free countries cease to be free when kangaroo courts, politically-motivated censorship and “canceling” rule the roost. 

I understand the toxicity argument – Trump obviously is not the most popular person in the country – but he did get more than 74 million votes in November, so “golf” should not be playing judge, jury and executioner.  

If individual sponsors or tournament committees decide to distance themselves, fine. Their dime, their decision. But the notion that golf as an industry is in any way obligated to take a stand right now is ridiculous. 

Let the courts decide. Real courts. The ones with lawyers, robes and jury members who would rather be on the golf course, etc. 

At this point, anything else would look very much like political grandstanding, and I'm fairly certain that people are more than a little burned out on that already.

Jim Westerman
Hanover Park, Ill.

Miceli is right: 2020 PGA should move from Trump course
Many readers will probably slam Alex Miceli for his proposal to take the 2022 PGA Championship away from Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, but I support Miceli 100 percent (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Predictably, President Donald Trump has now denounced the violence he himself incited at the Capitol. It’s a transparent effort to avoid removal by impeachment or the 25th Amendment.

Many will argue to keep politics out of sports, but by campaigning to host a major, our President is the one who injected politics into golf.

Most importantly, this issue transcends politics.  By denying President Trump the PGA Championship, the PGA of America will be aligning itself with retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, all four living former presidents, several members of the president’s own Cabinet, and many others on both sides of the aisle who have denounced the president’s complicity in last week's madness. The issue is not about politics but standing up for our democracy.

Golf has a special obligation because, more so than any other sport, integrity is a fundamental part of the game. Golf should not provide a high-profile platform to someone utterly deficient in character and decency. 

It is time for the PGA of America to distance itself from a president who has been so destructive of our country’s core values.

Tim Dowling
Reston, Va.

Rise up, golfers, and oppose Miceli
Golfers need to take a stand against Alex Miceli (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

For the most part, Morning Read is enjoyable – until it ventures into politics. Miceli is the poster boy of white-guilt-laden, woke golf writers. Somewhere in his career, Miceli obviously felt inadequate as only a sportswriter, so every piece is coated in self-righteous, progressive virtue and identity politics. And hypocrisy.

Miceli is correct in one sense: actions have consequences.

I will be unsubscribing to Morning Read, because you guys obviously still don’t get it. Sports is the ultimate meritocracy. The cream rises to the top, and talent does not discriminate.

This need by the media – and in the past couple of years, sports media has followed – to politicize every aspect of life is poison. It certainly does not unite us. We used to come together to root for Lefty or Tiger, or the Niners or Giants, but idiots like Miceli would have us query the person sitting next to us to ensure he hates President Donald Trump (as he does) to be able to root for the same player or team.

Mike Barnett
Winters, Calif.

An immigrant speaks out for democracy
I reluctantly agree that President Donald Trump should not gain from his golf courses after the horrifying and seditious actions at the Capitol (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

I immigrated to the U.S. almost 40 years ago, believing that the country was the greatest democracy in the world. I don’t think that it’s hyperbole to describe the mob as treasonous and brought out the ugliest side of human behavior.

Politics have invaded every part of our experience, including golf. All that Alex Miceli did is affirm my belief that there are plenty of people in America who want the best for the country and are prepared to stand up to autocrats.

God help democracy.

Paul Sunderland
Los Angeles 

Judge Trump’s golf courses on their merit, not the owner’s
Morning Read is a great forum for what is happening in the golf world. Alex Miceli has some interesting comments most of the time. Of late, he is injecting strong personal bias and philosophy into his commentary. He sounds more like a reader, submitting a letter to the editor, rather than the publisher (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Miceli’s opinion and those of other notable sports writers should not trump the due diligence necessary in choosing a golf course for a tournament – in this case, the 2022 PGA Championship.

The guilt-by-association thinking that is prevalent in today's narratives rubs me in the wrong way. If golf’s ruling bodies and golfers in general lean toward conservatism, they should not be pilloried and painted with the same mostly irrational hate brush for President Donald Trump. A Trump golf course should be judged on its test of golf and the infrastructure necessary for a tournament and not judged by the distaste for the owner.

Calling out the golf universe for its relatively neutral stance on various controversies has a "my way is the only way" connotation to it.

It will be interesting to see the political climate in at the 2022 PGA. If a change in venue occurs, inevitably as short-term reaction and outrage fades, will the call for change in venue now be viewed in the same light in 2022?

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

PGA and Trump make poor partners
The PGA of America has a goal to grow the game, become inclusive rather than exclusive, make golf available and affordable in money and in time. Then we get stuck behind Donald Trump (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Trump called golf “an aspirational game” a few years ago. I think I know what he meant, based on his golf business: Come and play if you are a rich white guy. All others need not apply.

Trump has demonstrated dislike and discomfort for most parts of our society. He despises black people, immigrants, poor people, working people, basically anyone who does not look like him or live like him. He resists the inevitable changing demographics of the country.

Why would the PGA of America promote Trump’s narrow and skewed views of society by patronizing his business? It is anathema to growing the game. Surely there are a thousand other golf courses that would support the goals of the PGA.

Jim Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

Be consistent in your condemnation, Miceli
A quick question for Alex Miceli: Where have you been in your condemnation of the anarchy experienced in this country for the past nine months or so? Places such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles, to name a few (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

I guess, in your view, some anarchy is OK, and other types need to be called out.

I hope your golf game is more consistent than your reasoning.

Bill Boutwell
Jacksonville, Fla.

Miceli advocates ‘path of true character’
Alex Miceli’s points not only are spot on but transcend politics (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8). President Donald Trump’s actions were seditious and counter to anything civil in our country.

Thank you for advocating a path of true character. The PGA of America ought to change course for its 2022 PGA Championship and demonstrate that golf does not associate with bullies and that indeed actions have consequences.

Elaine Ko
Bainbridge Island, Wash.

Stick to golf, Miceli
Politic has no place in golf (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Alex Miceli has written a biased article regarding President Donald Trump, yet I don’t remember Miceli speaking out against the many assaults from the left against Trump right from the first day of his presidency. He has accomplished much, especially in the Middle East, yet gets credit for nothing. Instead, he has been attacked by people like Miceli for four years because he legitimately won against Hillary Clinton.

Miceli and his like are the sorest bunch of losers I have ever seen.

Stick to golf and keep your biased politics to yourself.

Lynn Ailor
Laurel, Md.

Hold Nicklaus accountable, too
Thank you for your article on President Donald Trump and the PGA of America (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

But, I would go further and specifically call out the “greats” of the game, specifically Jack Nicklaus, who endorsed the soon-to-be-former president. Add to that those who played with him for photo ops. 

While I certainly would not begrudge Nicklaus’ right to endorse whomever he wants, his actions severely diminished his stature in the game to me. He should walk it back. 

I will never again play a Nicklaus course, go to a resort associated with him or buy a product with his name on it. 

Golf is supposed to be a game/sport governed by personal integrity. And many players, including Nicklaus, over the years have displayed that quality of the game. That’s why it was so disappointing to see Nicklaus’ endorsement of Trump despite his apparent clearly visible bad personal and political policies. And he even openly cheats on the golf course. That should be telling.

Nicklaus missed the obvious, maybe looking at his bottom line. But this is bigger than his personal profit/loss.

Jim Woolford
Arlington, Va.

Logical next steps
How rich it is to call for the PGA Tour players, 98 percent of whom probably voted for Donald Trump for president and have stayed silent (boy, are taxes important), now to call out Trump (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Can we expect the 2022 PGA Championship to be moved or for Morning Read contributors John Hawkins and Mike Purkey to call out the PGA of America for pandering to the cult of Trump?

Gary Cohen
Great Neck, N.Y.

Ewww … what’s that smell?
Thanks to Alex Miceli, I no longer will subscribe to Morning Read (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Miceli clearly is contributing to the mainstream-media disinformation train. Conservatives are sick of all the media telling us how bad we are and how bad President Donald Trump is. He did not incite a riot; that's a poor choice by only a few. The rest of the hundreds of thousands of protesters were there because Democratic elites, the media and Big Tech forced a fake election down our throats.

Nobody possibly can believe that a corrupt career politician who never has accomplished anything or stood for anything won this election.

If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat ... and now Miceli looks and smells like another big media rat.

Jeff Glowinski
Tulsa, Okla.

Miceli speaks the truth
I fully support and endorse Alex Miceli’s opinion in Friday’s Morning Read and hope that the PGA of America and the PGA Tour as well as the LPGA Tour and the USGA never, ever conduct a tournament at any of President Donald Trump’s courses (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

I applaud Miceli for speaking the truth.

Bob Lerner
Princeton, N.J.

Players, sponsors should act on their own
If the PGA of America doesn’t take action, players and sponsors should (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

They should voice their intent not to play or support the 2022 PGA Championship. Based on history, the Trump Organization is sure to take legal action if there is any plan to move the event.

Doug Thomas
Herndon, Va.

Don’t blame Trump for ‘actions of idiots’
Alex Miceli has lost my respect. Just because he does not like President Donald Trump, he writes a smear article (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

The election was tainted, and the results will be revealed in the future. There were thousands of peaceful supporters in Washington supporting Trump. Do not blame him for the actions of idiots. He has been a great president and has done great things for our country.  

Tim Nelson
West Chester, Ohio

Golf’s governing bodies need to listen
Thank you, Alex Miceli, for taking a stand against President Donald Trump and the 2022 PGA Championship (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Miceli lays out the correct reasons to pull the tournament from Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, and we all know there are plenty of courses that would take the event.

The R&A also needs to be in sync with the PGA and the USGA in standing against anyone whose rhetoric and actions (he takes no responsibility for either) divide our world and caused destruction of our democracy.

I hope they all listen to you.

Steven Eichberg
Plymouth, Mass.

Miceli is a political fool
I have read every issue of Morning Read. I love your newsletter, and I am a very serious player and golf collector.

Alex Miceli, the idiot who wrote about moving the 2022 PGA Championship from President Donald Trump’s course in New Jersey, has no concept of history, golf history, the aftermath of the 2016 election and is a political fool. He should be fired (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).  

Golf and politics should not be combined.  

George Stasen 
West Chester, Pa.

A time for healing
Alex Miceli is going to get a lot of heat about his comments regarding the invasion of our nation’s capital by armed terrorists, but he couldn’t be more right. The PGA of America and all other governing bodies should pull tournaments from President Donald Trump’s properties (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Inciting a mob of armed terrorists is indeed a seditious act and one also should bring with it legal consequences.

Hey, golfers, we supposedly believe in enforcing rules and treating all citizens with the same standards, don’t we? With his reckless and illegal actions, Trump proved yet again that he doesn’t reflect the values consistent with our beloved game.

It’s time to act on those values and to heal our country.

Jim Hirsch

Texan seeks to strike a bargain
Alex Miceli needs to stick to golf and not politics (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Even President Donald Trump’s supporters are getting tired of Trump’s rhetoric, but we don’t need a Trump hater like Miceli chiming in on our golf news platform to remind us.

Keep your comments to golf, and I’ll keep supporting your daily newsletter.

Doug Baker
Austin, Texas

Reader volunteers to help remove Trump from golf
We need to take the spectacle of President Donald Trump out of golf, permanently. Moving the PGA Championship in 2022 to another location would be a good start (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

If there is anything I can do to support this effort, please let me know.

Brad Saathoff
Fort Collins, Colo.

Don’t go the way of the NFL
Golf is golf. Stay out of politics (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

You will end doing the same to golf as what has happened to the NFL.

Jim Will
The Villages, Fla.

Boycott Trump’s courses
Golfers should boycott President Donald Trump’s courses. Trump doesn’t deserve our play. He should go to jail for what he has caused in America (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

The Trump family is unworthy of our support. There are lots of other facilities that would welcome all golfers.

Joss March 
Brandon, Manitoba

Don’t blame it on Trump
Please do not blame President Donald Trump (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

He asked for a peaceful protest, not violence. The violent protesters were part of Antifa, dressed as Trump supporters. Some of the very same protesters who have vandalized major cities were involved in the Capitol violence. I have friends who were there.

America needs to wake up and realize that our freedom is being attacked from within. Please do your research and don’t believe everything the liberal media says. Please do not point your finger at a man who is America’s last hope.

I am a 72-year-old golfer, veteran, Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply about our country, and I’m confident that you do, too.

Keith Jernigan 
Aledo, Texas

Golf pollution
President Donald Trump’s association with golf has been a huge embarrassment from the beginning. Doral, Turnberry, so awful, and frequent unpleasant reminders when PGA Tour players lined up to play with him – not only Dustin Johnson, but the seemingly apolitical Tiger Woods (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Trump has polluted the world of golf for too long, and unfortunately unless he goes to jail, that negativity will go on.

Robert Eaton Kelley
Asheville, N.C.

Wait a minute … is there such a place?
Way to go, Alex Miceli. You’re doing the same thing of which you accused President Donald Trump (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Stick to golf coverage. Your insights on golf are laughable. You might consider retirement and enjoy living in Canada’s new 11th province.

James Cox

Short and unsweet
Alex Miceli, you are an idiot (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Christopher Marmo

A ‘stain’ and a ‘danger’
Great article by Alex Miceli (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Move the 2022 PGA Championship. As a PGA of America life member and past 30-year PGA Tour employee, I think the time finally has come for all parties involved to move on from this man and anything with which he is associated. He is a stain on our history and a danger to our future.

Alan J Cull
Blaine, Minn.
(Cull retired in 2019 after 32 years with the PGA Tour, most recently as the general manager and director of golf at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, Minn.)

Coming soon … Alex Miceli on MSNBC?
Alex Miceli, please take your opinions to MSNBC (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

I’d like to read about golf, not your interpretation of the day’s political events. We know you’re a liberal; we get it.

We’d better learn to live with one another. Stop trying to change each other or you will get canceled. That’s not America. All opinions make this country, not just yours.

Dan Meade

‘Public outcry’ would help PGA of America act
I agree wholeheartedly with Alex Miceli’s conclusions that President Donald Trump should, in essence, be ex-communicated from the professional golfing world and, especially, the stage that it brings (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

I would think that an organization such as the PGA of America (or R&A) likely agrees with Miceli; however, it is unlikely that the PGA will take steps on its own without enough of a public outcry asking for it.

Ian Krassner

Reader pleads to retain refuge in golf
This past year has been very destructive in many ways. While I appreciate Alex Miceli for taking a stand, he needs to pause and consider the consequences of his actions (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Politics has ruined my enjoyment of the NFL, NBA, Olympics, NHL and soccer. Golf was my last refuge from the divisive rhetoric of political partisanship. The network broadcasts have tiptoed into the Black Lives Matter realm and other social commentary, and now Miceli adds disparaging comments regarding our president.

Please don't ruin golf for me and so many others.

In the words of Michael Jordan, "Republicans buy sneakers, too."

Michael Dyon
Leesburg, Fla.

PGA of America must rid itself of Trump
You are absolutely right, Alex Miceli (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

I already had committed years ago to avoid anything associated with Donald Trump. It's been clear to me for a long time that Trump was a con man and a racist only interested in himself.

After the past week's events, which in my opinion were totally predictable, the PGA of America must totally disassociate itself from Trump or forever taint itself. 

Thanks for making the point.

Jean-Marc Côté
Ottawa, Ontario

Miceli’s ‘socialist view’ has no place in golf coverage
Golf is a sport and also an avenue to get away from the world, especially COVID-19 and politics. President Donald Trump did not encourage or tell the protesters to storm the Capitol. A small portion of the group that was protesting did that on their own.

For Alex Miceli to write an opinion piece to encourage to pull the plug on a future PGA Championship because he doesn’t like the president is a hack job and has no place in the golf world (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Remember that we are trying to escape world problems. Using the golf platform to further Miceli’s socialist view is not welcome. Stick to golf and keep politics out of it.

Daryl W. Stock
San Diego

PGA needs a stain remover
I totally agree with Alex Miceli’s stance on this issue (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

It would be a stain on the PGA of America to allow Trump National Golf Club Bedminster to remain as the host of the 2022 PGA Championship.

Michael Manguso 
Tallahassee, Fla.

Political opinions sicken former reader
Alex Miceli appears to be the standard President Donald Trump hater, blaming the man for all the ills that we have in our country for the past four years (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8). Even if Trump has a part in causing this situation, you don’t ruin a man’s life for mistakes he may have made; isn’t that what bleeding-heart comrades preach?

I didn’t serve our country so as to allow folks like Miceli to decide who has the right opinion.

I’m sorry to say that I have canceled my subscription to Morning Read, as I’m sick of those who want to bring their political opinions into sports. 

Terry Pierson
Hammond, Ind.

Where can reader sign up?
Thank you, Alex Miceli, for your article calling for the PGA of America to cancel the 2022 PGA Championship at a Trump golf course (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

I completely agree with you, and I am willing to sign a petition or contact the PGA to support your position.

I have been a golfer for almost 60 years, and President Donald Trump’s conduct is not in keeping with the spirit of this great game. He should not profit from a major golf tournament. 

Bruce Michalowski 

‘Best president in history’ in most of U.S.
I completely disagree with Alex Miceli (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Outside of small bubbles in New York, New Jersey, the District of Columbia and California, Donald Trump is viewed as the best president in history. He did not incite a riot. The violence should be condemned, and I do so.

Donald Trump stood up for every American; he put America first. If you believe golf should be an elitist sport, then go ahead and trash all the good that Trump has done for you as president. 

I look to see Miceli reconsider or there's no reason for following un-American views.

Bill Loss
Palm Desert, Calif.

Trump’s values don’t reflect those of golfers
Alex Miceli couldn’t be more right (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8). The PGA of America and all other governing bodies should pull tournaments from President Donald Trump properties.

Inciting a mob of armed terrorists is indeed a seditious act and one, quite frankly, that should bring with it legal consequences.

Golfers supposedly believe in enforcing rules and treating all citizens with the same standards, don’t we? With his reckless and illegal actions, Trump proved yet again that he doesn’t reflect the values consistent with our beloved game. It’s time to act on those values and to heal our country.

Jim Hirsch

Miceli is buying what the left is selling
Alex Miceli is so wrong and a victim of what the left is selling him (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Stand with President Donald Trump. He is a true American.

Please don’t become just another blithering liberal idiot in the media.

Spike Tickle
Bristol, Tenn.

Misplaced blame
President Donald Trump did not incite the riots that took place in the Capitol last week. Nowhere in his rally did he ask his supporters to destroy the Capitol. That was done by a bunch of out-of-work idiots with nothing else to do that was meaningful (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Why were they mad? The people who occupy those chambers are supposed to be spending their time looking out for their constituents. Instead, they spent all of their time trying their damnedest to get rid of Trump and wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on baseless accusations.

Trump, who is personally disliked by many of those who voted for him, has done what the lifelong politicians have failed miserably to do: work for the American people and deliver on his campaign promises. He did more for all Americans in his four years than any president in recent history – certainly more than his predecessor. The presidency is not a popularity contest.

So, join in with the liberal pundits who hate Trump and ignore the fact that he got elected by those of us who were tired of politicians whose only agenda was to line their pockets with under-the-table money from lobbyists and pass the pork-barrel bills that they demanded.

Were the rioters wrong in turning to violence? Of course they were. Peaceful protest is a right we have been given. Have you forgotten our “peaceful protesters” this summer who destroyed a handful of major cities? Were they Trump supporters?

To blame Trump for everything, including the pandemic, is just wrong. He may be a bigoted, conceited loudmouth, but he loves this country and gave us four years of action, not promises. 

Alex Miceli should write about golf, where he is an expert in that field. Stay out of politics, where you are not.

Joe Cardosi
Grayslake, Ill.

PGA of America should take action
The golf world cannot ignore what happened (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Act, PGA of America. Now.

Andrea Wanke
Tübingen, Germany

Don’t rush to judgment
I agree there is no justification for the violence in D.C., but we should get all of the facts before adjudicating the behavior of the insurrectionists. Who were those thugs? (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

President Donald Trump has every right to believe that the 2020 election was stolen and to object. The full facts of that matter should be properly investigated, too. I do not believe that Trump expected nor wanted the horrifying actions that we saw take place last week in Washington.

Take a deep breath. There is plenty of blame to go around for the hatred in this country now. Boycotts won't solve the bigger problem.

Chuck Hain

Trump has been good for golf
Alex Miceli’s article on the PGA of America and the 2022 PGA Championship is so wrong, petty and vindictive (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

President Donald Trump gave us the best economy in history. He got us mostly out of costly wars on the other side of the earth. He did not start any wars, unlike his recent predecessors. He rebuilt our military. He bullied North Korea to stop nuclear testing and sending rockets over Japan. He got us out of the horrible Paris climate accord. He cut taxes and brought back hundreds of factories from China. He brought more peace in the Middle East than all other presidents combined.

Yes, he has a personality and persona that many find unpleasant, and I am one of them. His rhetoric did inflame and encourage protesters to gather in Washington. Yes, they got out of hand, and many of them should have been shot for what they were doing.

However, they did not burn cars, buildings and businesses as well as widespread looting like the riots by Democrats. He has been good to golf, the PGA and golf in general.

Robert Rice

Won’t play another Trump course
Alex Miceli is right. Decisions and actions have consequences (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

A fallout, even if the PGA of America were to leave its PGA Championship at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in 2022, might be that PGA professionals refuse to play there. I doubt that, but I don’t know. 

I’m just really glad I had the opportunity to play Turnberry before Trump added his tainted name to it. It was a really fun time, but I’d never play at one of his courses again.

Kathy Wentworth
Portland, Ore.

You’re out of bounds, Miceli
Stick to golf, Alex Miceli. I am sick of your left-wing spin (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

President Donald Trump and golf have a slight connection, but not one in which they interact with each other.

Trump did not encourage violent behavior. Of course, Miceli’s closed socialist mind will not acknowledge it.

Gordon William
Ellsworth, Ohio

A standing ovation for Micel
I stand to applaud Alex Miceli for taking a stand (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8). Few members of the golfing fraternity, as Miceli called us, have displayed his courage.

May Miceli’s words and thoughts not fade in a week or three. To paraphrase Miceli regarding President Donald Trump, elections have consequences, and so do actions and words.

His shameful behavior should forever ban Trump and his clan from any participation in the PGA, USGA or other like events.

Allan Feldman
Mount Gretna, Pa.

Clock strikes midnight for Miceli
It’s time, Alex Miceli. You know it and so do I. We’re tired of it. Your writings have evolved to your opinion. That’s lazy writing. Mediocrity isn’t a good look for you. Give it up (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Play more golf and leave the writing to the guys who still can entertain us without the politics.

I open Morning Read for refreshing news about golf and golfers. Miceli has failed us. Give it up. It’s time.

Craig Cathey
Burlington, N.C.

Cut ties with Trump ... for the good of America
For the PGA of America to continue any dealings with President Donald Trump under these circumstances would be a major stain in the integrity of this cherished organization and would be a major disgrace. I would never watch a PGA event again (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Break all ties with Trump and move on, for the good of America.

Steve Katz
Potomac, Md.

You didn’t have to go there, Miceli
I read Morning Read daily and enjoy the newsletter especially in the chilly winter months outside Pinehurst, N.C. But did Alex Miceli need to weigh in politically? (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).

Golf is an escape, enjoyment, choice that we make from the daily bombardment of politics and culture. No head in the sand here, but let the PGA of America stand on its own and not be part of the political theater in this country.

Dan DiGrazio
Southern Pines, N.C.

Game’s icons should sever ties with Trump
Golf’s organizations and stars repeatedly have aligned with President Donald Trump, much to the embarrassment of the sport and those of us who love and revere the game. Now, through Trump’s association with the game, the media repeatedly have vilified the sport and those who play it (“Golf needs to take stand against Donald Trump,” Jan. 8).  

Just one day after the tragedy at the Capitol, two of the game’s greatest ambassadors, Gary Player and Annika Sorenstam, supported Donald Trump and further degraded the image of our sport in exchange for a visit to the Oval Office and a greatly depreciated Presidential Medal of Freedom to wear around their necks (“3 golf luminaries win Presidential Medal of Freedom,” Jan. 8). I was certain that Player would do better and walk away, but he let me down, just as Jack Nicklaus did last summer.

It is clearly time for golf and its stars to sever the relationship with Trump and stop building his brand while degrading their own.  

Lou Johnson
Bucyrus, Kan.

Medal play
It’s unbelievable that the day after inciting a mob assault on the Capitol, President Donald Trump realized that he might have offended his friends in the golf world. He countered by awarding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to three honored golf champions, Annika Sorenstam, Gary Player and the late Babe Didrikson Zaharias.

I don't know about Sorenstam and Player, but Zaharias would have been appalled. I was very young when I met her, and my friendship with her was limited, but I knew a great woman when I saw one.

Shirley Stuart
Berkeley, Calif.

A tip of the cap to Golf Channel
I enjoyed Golf Channel’s coverage of the PGA Tour’s Sentry Tournament of Champions from Maui.

The team of John Woods, Bones Mackay, Mark Rolfing, Justin Leonard and Terry Gannon is highly informative as well as entertaining. The insight provided by former caddies Mackay and John Woods is so fun to hear. Former players Rolfing and Leonard enhance the caddie speak. Then, add Rolfing’s local knowledge and Gannon’s wit makes watching fun.

Kudos to Golf Channel.

Steve Hoffman
Bonita Springs, Fla.

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