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Reader offers science lesson

Mike Purkey’s notion about safety measures in golf during the COVID-19 era fails to pass reader's sensibility test

Mike Purkey writes that we're all going to be "putting with the flagsticks in, sliced-up swimming-pool noodles in the holes, no bunker rakes, ball washers or water coolers for months, maybe all year” (“Golf in 2021 will look a lot like 2020 version,” Jan. 3).

Says who? Why? To what science can Purkey point showing the sensibility of these ideas?

I've read peer-reviewed scientific studies stating viruses do not  survive on surfaces outdoors. And that's with virus placed on the object being tested, not random touching by majority uninfected persons.

So who says recreational golfers must continue putting with the  flagstick in? Who is claiming that having upside-down holes or no bunker rakes makes golf safer? Not someone following the science.

Allen Freeman
Brecksville, Ohio

Golf Channel takes a dive
It looks as if Golf Channel is sliding into the abyss.

We have no more “Morning Drive” and instead some nothing programing around noon. Almost all of the good people are gone. Why we need mediocre Brits is beyond me.

Lauren Thompson and Lisa Cornwell on a scale of 1-10 are well up in the 8 range, while Anna Whiteley is somewhere around a squeaky 3. Damon Hack, for content and opinion, is good (8) but presentation down at 4 because he shouts so much. We won't see any of the really good guests such as Geoff Shackelford, Matt Adams, Ryan Lavner, et al.

Again, the decisions by the suits make no sense and mostly are idiotic.

“Golf Central” always has been somewhat boring, and all the speculation usually turns out wrong anyway.

NBC waited until Arnold Palmer, the late Golf Channel co-founder, was gone before it dared to make this bad decision. Moving to the golf capital of the world, Stamford, Conn. What a joke!

Morning Read is all the more important for good information as NBC has nothing left of any importance.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

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