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Golf Channel’s ‘voice’ goes silent

Reader salutes Gary Williams, who has been ousted at Golf Channel, for the TV host’s contributions to the network

I just wanted to say thank you to Gary Williams, formerly of Golf Channel, for all that he did at the network over the years (“Changes at Golf Channel could get a fuzzy reception,” Oct. 19, 2020).

For me, Williams was the voice of Golf Channel.  

He was like Carson. When Johnny wasn't there, “The Tonight Show” was OK, but it wasn't Johnny.

That’s how I feel about Gary Williams at Golf Channel.

With Williams leaving as part of the network’s recent layoffs and relocation to parent NBC Sports’ headquarters in Stamford, Conn., Golf Channel is not as good as it used to be. Period. Gary Williams will be missed. A lot. Best of luck in his future endeavors.

Kenny Drake
Albany, Ore.

CBS gives reader a double-sided pain
My ears hurt after listening to CBS’ telecasts of the PGA Tour.

Jim Nantz and Dottie Pepper were the only two who didn’t  have accents, which, over time and repetition, became quite annoying. If I hadn’t seen the CBS “eye,” I would have thought  I was listening to the BBC, which I can endure in small doses but not over the course of five-plus hours. I am not a xenophobe, but I don’t need to be inundated with accented verbiage when I am trying to enjoy one of the few sporting events on live television.

Nick Faldo is good and the only accent we need, but brothers Mark and Trevor Immelman, Ian Baker-Finch and Frank Nobilo add very little to the telecast, in general. As was overly apparent when Phil Mickelson was in the booth at the PGA Championship, they all engage in tired commentary. Silence would be better than their unimaginative, unedifying babble.

Please, CBS, spare us from this clique of noisemakers as soon as you can.

I used to find that NBC’s golf telecasts ranked second to CBS’, but now I yearn for them to return.

Bob Cushing
Carmel, Calif.

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