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Club pro calls for change at PGA of America

Ex-head of the Southern California Section says latest incident involving a PGA executive underscores ‘lack of internal controls’

The arrest of Darrell Crall, the PGA of America’s chief operating officer and point person representing the PGA in its move to Frisco, Texas, again has demonstrated the lack of internal controls and standards within the PGA of America (“PGA of America disciplines executive,” Dec. 15).

Leadership such as Seth Waugh, Suzy Whaley and Jim Richerson should be removed for their lack of institutional control and adherence to professional standards within the PGA of America. Whether it is how they handled the removal of Ted Bishop, the arrest of Paul Levy and now the arrest of Darrell Crall, the PGA has a long history of poor decisions, lack of standards and suspect judgment. From the former “Caucasian only” rule, poor conduct of elected leadership, staff and section administrators as well as operating as a “good ol' boys club." They continue to tarnish the reputation of being the experts in the game and business of golf and poor examples of teaching the fundamentals of life through golf.

Changes need to happen to protect the 29,000 PGA members and the operations they represent. The PGA of America has become a circus and a poor reflection of those whom they serve.

Patrick Casey
Santa Monica, Calif.
(Casey is the director of golf at Brentwood Country Club in Los Angeles and a past president of the Southern California PGA Section.)

It comes with the territory
Oh, no. The best female golfers in the world had to play with a little mud on their balls (“2020 U.S. Women’s Open: Weather delays final round till Monday,” Dec. 14). What a travesty. The world is going to end.

Give me a break.

Golf is played outdoors, in wind and rain, on grass and sand and dirt. The USGA and Augusta National are the only organizations that have the guts to tell these players, Too bad. Deal with it. If you want to play in ideal conditions, go use your simulator. Or try miniature golf.

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

LPGA should consider ‘common-sense exemptions’

Who doesn’t want to see major champions in the LPGA’s season-ending tournament? (“LPGA shuts out 2 major winners from Tour Championship,” Dec. 16).

Perhaps the LPGA could establish one or two common-sense exemptions for the Tour Championship. The only hitch is, unlike the sponsor exemptions, they actually have a chance to win.

Ginny Kavanagh
St. Augustine, Fla.

‘Shame on the LPGA’
The LPGA talks about growing the game, but this week’s CME Group Tour Championship will not have major champions Sophia Popov and A Lim Kim competing (“LPGA shuts out 2 major winners from Tour Championship,” Dec. 16).

Shame on the LPGA. I will not watch or support it.

What a hypocritical group.

Larry Guli
Waxhaw, N.C.

Show some class, LPGA
Just when I thought the LPGA had a pretty good, uncontroversial year, the tour did it again (“LPGA shuts out 2 major winners from Tour Championship,” Dec. 16).

How can the LPGA invite two average – and that’s being polite – players to the Tour Championship and not invite two major winners?

When is the LPGA going to show a little class and make exemptions that make sense?

Dick Greenwood
Bradenton, Fla. 

Seriously, LPGA?
So, the LPGA wants us to take it more seriously and consider it to be on a par with the PGA Tour. Well, it appears that the LPGA just shot itself in the foot and dealt a blow to the credibility of this effort with the outrageous choice to exclude the winners of two of this year's majors from the CME Group Tour Championship (“LPGA shuts out 2 major winners from Tour Championship,” Dec. 16).

But as if excluding them were not enough, the LPGA threw away the possibility of righting this wrong by awarding two spots to totally undeserving players.

If the LPGA were a football team, it not only would be penalized 15 yards but would be ejected for piling on.

Good grief.

Tim Schobert
Ottawa, Ontario

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