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Thanks for the history lesson

Course architect salutes Morning Read contributor John Fischer’s latest literary creation as blueprint for retracing ‘golf’s rich heritage’

Another tremendous historical golf story, told in John Fischer’s special way, about Joyce Wethered (“As good as Bobby Jones? Yes, she was, and then some,” Nov. 25).

Congratulations on another contribution to preserving and generating interest in golf’s rich heritage.

Mike Hurdzan
Columbus, Ohio
(Hurdzan, a course architect and author, is the managing partner of Hurdzan Golf Course Design in Columbus.)

Born a few decades too late
Thank you for the wonderful story by John Fischer about Joyce Wethered (“As good as Bobby Jones? Yes, she was, and then some,” Nov. 25).

I love these historical golf articles. It was extremely well written. How I would have enjoyed watching her play.

Todd Hawkinson
Oro Valley, Ariz.

Don’t go there
Mike Purkey certainly is entitled to his opinion of whether or not Tiger Woods is near the end (“It’s time for Tiger Woods to face reality,” Nov. 23). After all, Purkey is a golf writer.

But for reader Pamela Hall to suggest that the motive for writing the piece may have been because Purkey is a racist is absolutely despicable (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Nov. 25).

If she is aware of something in Purkey’s past writings that would provide some semblance of proof, we all would be interested in considering this charge. Otherwise, Hall should be ashamed for going down that road.

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

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