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Memorial’s Captains Club gets it right

Morning Read contributor John Fischer captures the essence of Joyce Wethered, a 2004 honoree at the PGA Tour’s Memorial

The piece by John Fischer may be one of the best I’ve read in a while (“As good as Bobby Jones? Yes, she was, and then some,” Nov. 25).

It helped me understand why the Captains Club at Muirfield Village Golf Club picked Joyce Wethered in 2004 as one of its honorees as part of the PGA Tour’s Memorial Tournament.

Wethered’s talents obviously were some of the very best.

Garen Eggleston
The Villages, Fla.

Cecil Leitch won her share of titles, too
John Fischer posted an interesting article in Morning Read on Wednesday (“As good as Bobby Jones? Yes, she was, and then some,” Nov. 25).

Joyce Wethered was, indeed, an outstanding golfer. So, too, was Cecil Leitch.

Despite losing arguably her best years to World War I, from 1914 to 1926 Leitch won the British Ladies Amateur Championship four times, once in each of the four home nations of the U.K. Nobody has managed that feat before or since, and is unlikely to do so. Leitch defeated Joyce Wethered to win the championship at Turnberry in 1921. 

In total, Cecil Leitch won 10 other national events. Who knows how many that total would have been if the Great War had not conspired against her?

George Fletcher
Edinburgh, Scotland

An enjoyable literary appetizer before the holiday feast
What a great article by John Fischer (“As good as Bobby Jones? Yes, she was, and then some,” Nov. 25).

Thank you for giving me this wonderful read on the eve of Thanksgiving.

John Tucker
Weston, Mass.

Lighten up, Miceli
Regarding Alex Miceli’s commentary on the Phil Mickelson turkey shoot (“ ‘The Match’ smells like leftovers gone bad,” Nov. 25): Lighten up, pal.

The Tiger-Phil match was a dog, but we're expecting great golf from those two. Throwing a top pro, semipro, good amateur and a bad amateur together, with everybody mic’d, it'll be hilarious.

Sort of like Miceli’s bowtie.

Joe Morin
Edmonton, Alberta

Again, with emphasis: Lighten up, Miceli
Alex, Alex, Alex ... did you ever think that those of us who are 21-handicap golfers and the great majority of fans might enjoy something other than the top-most echelon of golfers on courses most of us never will be able to play (despite great longing to) being gushed about in whispered reverence? (“ ‘The Match’ smells like leftovers gone bad,” Nov. 25).

Lighten up, Francis! If we want to bring more regular folks into our wonderful game, we need to show them that it's fun and that it's a game. Anyone can play his or her entire life.

If you insist on being a purist who will watch only certain levels of players, keep it to yourself and let us regular weekend players who play “bad” golf but love each and every stroke enjoy some other “bad”-but-fun players who are having a similarly good, fun time and contributing to a worthy cause in the process.

Ed Kropp 
Portland, Ore.

Hey, Miceli, are you getting the message? Lighten up
I guess people have different ideas about entertainment and wanting to have a few laughs. Alex Miceli’s life is probably a little boring, maybe a lot boring (“ ‘The Match’ smells like leftovers gone bad,” Nov. 25).

The players selected for “The Match: Champions for Change” are all fun-loving people, and I can’t wait for the bantering that will take place. I am an avid golfer at 71 years who supports a 3 handicap from senior tees.

Lighten up and try to have a few laughs.

Sonny Runyan
Eldon, Mo.

Miceli needs some work between the ears
For our sake and for the sake of Alex Miceli, he had better go see a mental-health person for a checkup (“ ‘The Match’ smells like leftovers gone bad,” Nov. 25).

Miceli has turned so negative, and reading his commentary is just plain dreary.     

Judy Rimmer 
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Every problem has a solution
I could not agree more about the overbearing commercials on televised golf (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Nov. 24, Nov. 25).

There are so many strung together now that live golf is becoming unwatchable. The split-screen solution is unbearable.

Taping the show so one can skip the constant interruptions is a solid answer. That, and avoiding a buy of all but the most essential products advertised, is the other.

Lou Body IV
Jacksonville, Fla.

How's that for irony?
Reader Pamela Hall accuses Mike Purkey of covert racism for his article on Tiger Woods (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Nov. 25).

Hall lives in Plantation, Fla.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

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