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Masters winner Dustin Johnson merits acclaim

Dan O’Neill’s commentary about Johnson moves reader to salute ‘a truly deserving champion’

Dan O’Neill’s piece on Dustin Johnson's win on Sunday at the Masters was especially well crafted (“Celebrate Dustin Johnson for what he isn’t: Full of himself,” Nov. 18).

This is indeed a crazy time, and the "tradition unlike any other" was nothing like any of us has witnessed at Augusta National. But Johnson’s composed and relentless overcoming of the rest of the field and his mastery over that very special playing ground was enjoyably understated and extremely apt. He is a man whom one can root for unabashedly, and it is only right and proper that Johnson now can bask in the glow of being a multiple major champion at last.

I am enthusiastic about his prospects over the next several seasons, and I believe he stands a great chance to absorb all the acclaim and adulation that will be coming his way and yet maintain his innate sense of self with poise and integrity and his supportive brother at his side.

O’Neill’s words captured this particular moment of golf history very well for a truly deserving champion.

Peter Johnson
Barrington, Ill.

Dead-on accurate
Refreshing article by Dan O’Neill regarding Dustin Johnson, and dead on (“Celebrate Dustin Johnson for what he isn’t: Full of himself,” Nov. 18). Thanks for the insight.

John Brown
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Rooting for Johnson
In order of whom I root for to win major championships, Dustin Johnson is in my top three: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Johnson, Rickie Fowler, and I'd like to see Tommy Fleetwood snag one soon.

However, Johnson is not all rainbows and unicorns just because he doesn't yell or fist pump (“Celebrate Dustin Johnson for what he isn’t: Full of himself,” Nov. 18). He was suspended for six months in 2014-15, which reported was because of a third failed drug test. The PGA Tour denied the report, but the PGA Tour tries to sweep suspensions under the rug. I root for Johnson in part because I am also a recovering alcoholic. I hope he wins many more majors. 

OK, I’ve got to get back to watching a guy dance and do the first-down sign, down 28 points in the fourth quarter.

Michael Boyle
Palos Heights, Ill.

Praise for O’Neill’s commentary
That was absolutely great the way Dan O’Neill wrote about how Dustin Johnson has handled success (“Celebrate Dustin Johnson for what he isn’t: Full of himself,” Nov. 18). Thank you.

Tom Cuthbertson
Ashburn, Va.

Another reason to like Dustin Johnson
Excellent article by Dan O’Neill on Dustin Johnson (“Celebrate Dustin Johnson for what he isn’t: Full of himself,” Nov. 18). It makes me like him even more.

A true champion. Good on ya, mate. 

Timothy J. Cahill

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