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A golf telecast showing golf? Hey, it's worth a try

Canadian viewer pleads with networks to sprinkle more golf shots – yes, that's why she watches – amid all of that yammering

I am an ardent golf fan and watch most of the tournaments on TV. I wish that the golf coverage would focus more on showing golf.

Many times, we watch two commentators talk to each other while the round is being played. I do value their insights, but can’t they talk while they show the golf itself?

During the Masters, we watched Dustin Johnson, for example, walk off the tee box to his next shot. Really? Couldn’t we watch other players elsewhere on the course hit their shots rather than watch D.J. ambling along?

I tune in to watch golf. Please focus on showing us that.

Linda Payne
North Bay, Ontario

A new par 5 for Augusta National
1.  Augusta National is as beautiful in the fall as it is in the spring.
2.  I didn’t miss the patrons at all. Their absence opened up the course to reveal its beauty in full.
3.  Mercifully, no “Golf Playing Through”!
4.  Too much Butler Cabin chitchat. Thank heavens for fast-forward.
5.  Congratulations to Dustin Johnson. Well played.

Kathleen Daly
Staten Island, N.Y.

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