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Tough opponent for a Masters in November

Augusta National isn’t the only site in Georgia that is paying close attention to the final numbers as reader makes a connection

The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club is the headline on just about all of the sports pages. The Senate runoff election in Georgia is front page on just about all of the papers. The Senate race is about diversity and inclusion. ANGC, though it has made some steps in recent years regarding diversity, is still about exclusion.  

I wonder whether these two worlds will collide in the next few months? The Masters, while being a major sporting event, has flown under the national political radar. Now they share a circle under the big top. 

Will there be collateral damage to ANGC and the Masters from these Georgia runoff elections that could cause the “tradition unlike any other” to suffer the same fate as other Southern traditions? How would the PGA Tour react if pressured by the progressive side of our national leaders?

Had ANGC known there would be Senate runoff elections, I wonder whether club officials would have gone forward with the November date or just buried their heads in the sand until April?

Charlie Jurgonis 
Fairfax, Va.

Let the drama play out, regardless of driving distance
I enjoy the column by Alex Miceli, but it’s time for him to chill (“Augusta National faces ‘call to action’ on driving distance,” Nov. 12).

The basket remains at 10 feet, and the field remains at 100 yards. The athletes are bigger and stronger. Get over it.

Who cares if a player shoots 20 under at Augusta or any other venue? If the drama is there, so be it.


John Gardner
Fort Myers, Fla.

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