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For better or worse, it’s still the Masters

Compared with other sports' moves to neutral-site bubbles, the Masters will feel right at home at Augusta National Golf Club

Reader Bob Geismar writes “this does not have the feel of a Masters” (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Nov. 10). Does he think the NBA finals played in Orlando, Fla., or the NHL finals played in Edmonton, Alberta, or the MLB World Series played in Arlington, Texas, had the feeling of those championships?

At least the Masters is being played at Augusta National Golf Club and not some neutral site such as Scottsdale or West Palm Beach.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

It’s Rahm’s time
Jon Rahm is my pick to win the Masters.

This is a really hard tournament to predict because none of these pros has played Augusta National under these conditions in this time of year.

I know this: It’s going to take a lot more than just 350-yard drives to win the green jacket. I like Rahm because he has won this season on tough tracks that were set up like major championships.

Can’t wait to watch it.

David Coleman
Middleburg Heights, Ohio
(Coleman is a member of the PGA of America.)

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