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Alex Miceli whiffs as ‘woke poster boy for golf’

A majority of readers agree that commentary about Jack Nicklaus’ endorsement of President Donald Trump lands way out of bounds, but more than a few of you want to join the Alex Miceli Fan Club

Alex Miceli’s piece is disgraceful but indicative of the hypocrisy of liberal media (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). Honestly, I was so angry that I had to wait a few hours to calm down enough to write a response.

Miceli doesn’t see the irony in supporting Jack Nicklaus’ right to his own opinion, but then spends an entire article trashing that opinion, and passively/aggressively suggesting that Nicklaus is a closet racist. Here’s Miceli’s argument: Nicklaus isn’t a racist, but he supports President Donald Trump, who is obviously a racist, so what does that say about Nicklaus? Miceli is not a journalist, if that term even exists anymore. Like so many in the media, he is a social-justice warrior first, and his political opinions infect everything he writes. (See his pieces in Morning Read about golf and COVID. It’s right out of the basement-cowering Joe Biden’s playbook.)

There always have been people on the political left and right, Democrats and Republicans, but the phenomenon of having media who are 90 percent liberal is a tumor that has metastasized over the past 50 years. When you live in a liberal echo chamber, your bias stroked and unchallenged day after day, the self-righteousness becomes a disease. There are no longer differences of opinion to those on the left; they say, you’re either with us or you’re a hater, racist, homophobe, ignorant or whatever slur they can come up with. Sports used to be a safe place from the divisiveness of politics, but they came for that, too, and Miceli is your woke poster boy for golf.

By the way, Nicklaus’ thoughtful endorsement of Trump is identical to mine, and probably that of most conservatives. I doubt Nicklaus will lose a second of sleep worrying what a hack such as Miceli writes about him. However, Miceli might want to be aware that half of the country (and probably more than half of his audience) thinks that sports is the ultimate meritocracy, and that allowing identity politics to infiltrate sport has not been financially beneficial – and that may eventually include your little daily golf newsletter. 

Mike Barnett
Winters, Calif.

Miceli’s focus was too simplistic
I enjoy Morning Read. I like golf as a break from politics. Jack Nicklaus crossed that line, so I don’t blame Alex Miceli for covering it, but his analysis was simplistic, focusing on race (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30)

Many people choose a candidate for office based on policy over personality, but in this election, it’s party that looms large. I see the Democrats moving toward socialism. If you don’t, I suggest that you take a closer look. They support tax hikes, the Green New Deal and letting riots and looting rage unchecked.

I’ve seen what this party has done to my city and state.  We don’t support President Donald Trump in a vacuum or the fantasy world in which the left lives. We are making a choice for freedom and protection of our Constitution.

Pat Duggan

There you go again, Miceli
Alex Miceli has done it again (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). His past few podcasts and now the commentary bashing Jack Nicklaus for his support of President Donald Trump shows that Miceli marches to his own drummer.

Take the pandemic out of the equation. It appears that emotional feelings versus the logic of accomplishments might dictate the results of the upcoming election.

Miceli is neither right nor wrong, but I suspect he revels in being just different enough to generate enthusiasm with the Morning Read readership.

I’m looking forward to the Morning Read mission and getting back to reporting about what is happening in the golf world.

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

What a letdown
I was extremely disappointed to read Alex Miceli’s comments in his Morning Read article critical of Jack Nicklaus‘ support of President Donald Trump (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Miceli certainly is entitled to his opinion, but it is very inappropriate for him to use this forum (which he founded, I assume, to inform and entertain people about the wonderful sport of golf), to insert a political commercial for the candidate of his choice.

Never mind the fact that the comments he was making seemed to be taken directly from CNN and MSNBC, networks that despise our president and mislead the American people constantly. I was more taken aback by his disparaging comments about Nicklaus, one of the most gracious and giving figures in golf of all time.

I love Morning Read and look forward to reading it every day, but please don’t use it in this way.

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

Who’s the real fool?
I have cast my vote for President Donald Trump, and I, too, have been “fooled” by Trumpism, according to Alex Miceli (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Miceli must be disappointed that Trump will be getting a least two votes this election. I hate to be fooled by anything or anyone. What do I have to do to enjoy the intellectual superiority and moral high ground that Alex Miceli possesses?

I am glad that Miceli cleared up the fact that Jack Nicklaus is not a racist. Miceli has great insight. Those with diverse opinions should be labeled as “fooled” or made a “mistake.” You can’t fool Alex Miceli.                    

Jerry Adams
The Woodlands, Texas

State what you really want, Miceli
This article makes my blood boil (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Jack Nicklaus believes in free enterprise and less government control. If Alex Miceli believes in more government control, or socialism, why not just say so and refrain from dragging golfers into it?

Gordon Williams
Ellsworth, Ohio

Applause for Miceli
Thanks, Alex Miceli, for offering an opinion on the current political views of Jack Nicklaus (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Golf has been an elitist sport for decades, so it’s no surprise that many touring professionals are very conservative. As Miceli so beautifully points out, current leadership leaves a great deal to be desired.

Golf is the great leveler that brings together players from all walks of life, all ethnicities and religions, as well as political opinions. I applaud Miceli for discussing this at a time when most people in the world are suffering from an out-of-control pandemic.

No matter their politics, I hope that golf will continue to bring people together in harmony, peace and fun.

Paul Sunderland
Los Angeles 

Ah, those were the days
It is such a shame. I remember in the old days, when I would wake up in the morning, grab my phone and open the Morning Read email first thing.

I looked so forward to reading really good articles and news of the preceding day.

Now, I see – but don’t read – stuff that most of us “golfers” really don’t give a crap about.

I see more of folks’ opinions and politics that nobody cares about. Can you hear me, Alex Miceli? (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Morning Read’s subscriber list must be taking a nose dive. That is what happens when the ship starts sinking.

As always, the lesson should be, Just the facts, ma’am. Nobody cares about Alex Miceli’s personal opinions. Just golf, please.

You might find the ship rising again.

Dave Snellings
Newnan, Ga.

Hey, Alex, you can come upstairs now
Alex Miceli must be hiding out in his basement just like Joe Biden (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). People should be less concerned about the person and vote the platform. Neither one of these presidential candidates is perfect. They are flawed humans in multiple ways, but their messages are very clear.

Trump has done wonderful things for minorities with respect to job opportunities. His economy was strong before the coronavirus struck because he was canceling bad trade deals and putting tariffs on countries that did not adequately open their borders to U.S. goods. He has tried to stem the flow of illegal immigrants entering our country unchecked. He has strengthened our military in response to more aggression from North Korea, China and Iran. He created Operation Warp Speed in response to the virus and solicited never-seen-before cooperation between private enterprise and the government. This is part and parcel of his four years in office.

Biden supports defunding of police; rotation of judges on and off the Supreme Court; $15 minimum wage in the wake of a pandemic; elimination of fossil fuels and the job losses this would create; support of a Green New Deal, which likely would plunge the U.S. into debt we never could repay; increasing tax rates on 401(k) and retirement income, including Social Security; and much, much more.

Jack Nicklaus is a patriot and believes in capitalism, not socialism, and he has every right to voice his support for whomever he chooses. The media are corrupt, excluding a few sources, and people have to search for the truth in few places. Perhaps Miceli should take his opinions to NBC or CNN because of his opposition to someone supporting the current president. I’m certainly done with reading anything under his name and am disappointed in Morning Read for allowing this to be published.

Blair Plyler
Charlotte, N.C.

Beware of the hypocrite in the mirror
Jack Nicklaus certainly went all in with his endorsement of President Donald Trump, and it probably didn't go over well with some fans but delighted others (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

I imagine that Democrats are few and far between on the PGA Tour. The players are voting for their money, and the tax cut passed by the current Congress, at Trump's behest, likely was a very big windfall for guys at their level of wealth. Other than maximizing their income, I doubt that they think much about politics. 

I am surprised that Nicklaus made such a strong endorsement, but not surprised that a golf writer might choose to respond. Both are entitled to their opinions and to state it publicly. If you decry Miceli's article but welcome Nicklaus' endorsement, you're a hypocrite. Of course, it is probably helped that you were so pleased that you and Nicklaus are as one in picking the “right guy” and not the “evil other.”

Blaine Walker
St. Paul, Minn.

Poorly played
Is Alex Miceli’s article an attempt to “cancel” Jack Nicklaus? (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Why the reference to 1994, which is 36 years ago? It seems like a subtle attempt at a dog-whistle suggestion. One of the great things about America is that we have freedom of speech and the vote. It’s too bad that Miceli had to try and tarnish Nicklaus’ reputation.

Gary Kirkner
Kiawah Island, S.C.

Get off my lawn, Miceli, and stay off
You just lost this reader with Alex Miceli’s article about Jack Nicklaus’ tweet (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Miceli writes that Nicklaus “resoundingly” made a mistake for supporting President Donald Trump for re-election. So, anyone supporting a candidate whom Miceli doesn’t support is making a resounding mistake? Miceli, you are off my lawn, old man.

Scot Becraft

We don’t need to know
Now we can’t even enjoy Morning Read without politics (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). Give it a break.

If Alex Miceli feels compelled to vote for Don Quixote and his socialist sidekick, then he should keep it to himself. 

Gregory V. Murray
Rochester Hills, Mich.

Miceli 'put it all right'
I was shocked by Jack Nicklaus’ tweet. Even not being American, I am deeply worried by such comments from such an outstanding sportsman and public person.

Alex Miceli’s article put it all right (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

I am worried, too, about Tuesday and keep my fingers crossed for all of my good friends in the U.S.

Tilman Schäfer
Tuebingen, Germany

Support for Trump and Nicklaus
Sports, media, entertainment and social media have no place in politics (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Alex Miceli should keep his liberal garbage to himself.

President Donald Trump is not a racist. Jack Nicklaus is a patriot.

Jeff Bearden

That’s it, Miceli
I used to enjoy Alex Miceli’s episodes on Morning Read, but not any longer (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

I will not watch or read anything that Miceli does.

Michael Keaveney
Greensboro, Ga.

Lost respect for Nicklaus
I always have regarded Jack Nicklaus as an intelligent and good man who also was a very good golfer. His recommendation of Donald Trump for re-election as president in 2020 causes me to lose all respect for him (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

The actions of Trump in the past four years (his lying, stealing and bigotry) should result in any man with a semblance of intelligence to vote for anyone but him. That Jack Nicklaus can support him tells me that he is a very stupid man (part of Trump’s army of undesirables) who has been living a life of privilege for too long and that he is part of the problem that ails America presently. He is totally out of touch with the common man.

Shame on you, Jack Nicklaus.

The rise of black golfers in the past few years is proof that Nicklaus’ comments in 1994 were the result of his racism. 

Gerald Rheault
Winnipeg, Manitoba

A salute to Miceli for his ‘true patriotism and honor’
What a great and well-considered article by Alex Miceli regarding Jack Nicklaus’ sad endorsement of President Donald Trump (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30)

As I love golf, I’m well aware how rare it is to find any Democrats on the PGA Tour or players with the courage to decline an invitation to tee it up with Trump. I always will laud Rory McIlroy for saying it was a mistake that he won’t repeat. How many Tour members have read Rick Reilly’s frightening book Commander in Cheat: How golf explains Trump about Trump’s behavior on the golf course reflecting how he tries to lead?

Given the culture of the golf community, I know that Miceli will be getting heat for his article, but he should know that I loved it and salute him for having the true patriotism and honor to say what needed to be said.

Richard Friedman

Those spots on Miceli are permanent
Alex Miceli not only took exception to Jack Nicklaus' views and statements, but he also said that “many” would consider Donald Trump to be the worst president in U.S. history (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

I'm sure that the "many" to whom you refer are fellow socialists.

In my 80 years, I never have seen a president accomplish more for the good of this country, and he has done it in 3½ years, with little support from his own party and none from the Democratic Party.

Other than disappointment in Miceli, I don't know why I wasted my time writing this email. A leopard can't change his spots, and Miceli can't change his socialist views.

Richard Jensen
Terrebonne, Ore.

Keep your eye on the ball, Morning Read
Stick to golf. I get this email for golf information, not political ranting (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Dave Smith
Eldersburg, Md.

Miceli goes too far
I respect the political leanings of Alex Miceli, but when he writes a column disparaging Jack Nicklaus, and calling President Donald Trump a racist and the worst president ever, then he has gone too far (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Miceli is no smarter than the mush-head snowflakes coming out of college, having been brainwashed by the liberal cesspool that our universities have become. I thought Miceli was better than that, but sadly, he is not.

Ray Bengel 
Cold Spring, Ky.

Stick to what you know (if only marginally), Miceli
I am disappointed by Alex Miceli having spewed his anti-Trump rhetoric (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Half the country disagrees with Miceli, and many of those folks probably are subscribers to Morning Read. Miceli should stick to golf commentary, at which he is only marginal, at best.

I’m done with Miceli.

Mike Coyle
Rockford, Ill.

Goodbye, and good riddance
Alex Miceli’s characterization of President Donald Trump is off base, at best (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Miceli’s view of Jack Nicklaus is even farther off the mark. Stick to golf. I won’t miss your publication.

Eric Jansen
Byron Center, Mich.

Goodbye, and good riddance II
Alex Miceli supposedly writes for a newsletter about golf (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Notwithstanding that Jack Nicklaus is a golfer, his endorsement of a candidate for president is no more about golf than a story on my insurance salesman endorsing a candidate.

I’m bombarded with enough unsolicited commentary about politics these days. I want to read about golf. Miceli should stay in his wheelhouse.

I’ve unsubscribed. Best of luck to you.

Andrew Bradford

Attaboy, Miceli
Great piece by Alex Miceli in Friday’s Morning Read regarding Jack Nicklaus’ endorsement of President Donald Trump (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).  

Kay McMahon
Canaan, N.Y.
(McMahan is an LPGA teaching professional and a member of the PGA of America.)

Donald Trump could be our last hope
I have enjoyed Morning Read over the years, but I was so disappointed to read Alex Miceli’s commentary regarding Jack Nicklaus’ endorsement of President Donald Trump (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Does Miceli realize that the Democratic Party is not the same party of old? It has now become the new Socialist Party.

I have enjoyed my freedom for 72 years, and I want the same for my children and grandchildren.

If Miceli doesn’t enjoy freedom of speech, religion, the right to defend himself, etc., then maybe he should be looking for a country that is under socialism. He has several options. 

The reason why the U.S. is the greatest country of all time is because it was founded under godly principles, and we have enjoyed God’s blessings. Donald Trump might be our last hope.

Keith Jernigan
Aledo, Texas

Nicklaus and his popular club
Lots has been said and written about Jack Nicklaus’ endorsement of Donald Trump for re-election as president (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Nicklaus should have stayed out of it, and I’ll bet his wife wasn’t there when he wrote it. True gentlemen don’t do that.

Don’t get me wrong. Jack and Barbara Nicklaus have done an immense amount of good in the world, and we should be thankful and not judge too harshly. We all remember the great things that Nicklaus said about Arnold Palmer in 2004 when he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but I don’t ever remember Nicklaus making any big to-do in 2014 over Charlie Sifford and the fact that he got the same honor.

Though Nicklaus’ Memorial Tournament and his family’s philanthropic work are legendary – have you heard of the many great things he has done for the poor and homeless? – perhaps a medical center for those who’ve never been to one because they could never afford to. There’s nothing like that over in Boca Raton or Palm Beach. Or Homestead.

Unfortunately, Jack Nicklaus is an anachronism. Hopefully, we can remember him for his accomplishments rather than for what he has become. 

Nicklaus is a member of a very popular and influential club: rich, old white men living with other rich, old white men and their toadies.

Peter Croppo
Bayfield, Ontario

Miceli missed the message
Alex Miceli is free to comment on Jack Nicklaus’ comments, but Miceli’s last line in his article doesn’t match with the rest of his commentary (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Miceli writes that he offers “the same support of Nicklaus’ right to make such comments,” but his entire article is that Nicklaus shouldn’t have made the comments. So, then he doesn’t support Nicklaus’ right to make the comments. 

Also, maybe, just maybe, Nicklaus hasn’t “been fooled” by Trumpism. Maybe it’s Miceli who is short-sighted. Miceli should turn off CNN and get out of his liberal bubble, and talk with people about why they like Trump’s policies. Maybe then he will understand Nicklaus and his thoughts on Trump. But only then. It’s about policies, not tweets.

Dan Meade

Disappointed by Nicklaus
Alex Miceli’s recent article on Jack Nicklaus and his support of the 2020 re-election of President Donald Trump is spot on (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). It resonates with me and echoes much of what I’ve been saying regarding those who support Trump at this point.

For the 2016 voter, I get the support for him. Whether it’s the unconventional candidacy or the disdain for Hillary Clinton, I understand why some may have voted for him in 2016. However, after watching Trump’s body of work for the past 3½ years, including the constant missteps in many regards (racially and otherwise), I don’t see how anyone can support or even endorse this man for an additional term. 

Jack Nicklaus is the greatest (if not the second greatest, behind Tiger Woods) golfer of all time. So, for many, his accomplishments give credence to what he says. Therein lies the danger of this endorsement of a dangerous, devisive person such as Trump.

I don’t know where Jack Nicklaus stands on issues of race, etc., but it seems logical that his alignment with someone of Trump’s character and actions would convey that Nicklaus has similar character and approves of this president’s actions. It’s extremely disappointing, especially for such a great champion and revered hero. 

Sean A. Hendricks
Ashburn, Va.

Miceli fails to uphold Walter Williams’ ‘Creed’
Walter Williams, author of the “Journalist’s Creed” in 1914, must be spinning in his grave these days. The Creed regards journalism as a public trust, emphasizing accuracy and fairness among other values.

In our current environment, it is so disappointing to see that so many who hold themselves out to be journalists have forgotten those values. Many journalists now seem to subscribe to the “it’s my way or the highway” philosophy of reporting, letting their personal views interfere with their work, attacking those who see issues differently.

Unfortunately, it now seems as if Alex Miceli can be counted among that group of journalists with his recent attack on Jack Nicklaus for his support of Donald Trump and his re-election (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). Miceli obviously let his personal views get in the way of fair and unbiased reporting.

Heck, the next thing you know, Miceli will be telling us that “Hunter and the Big Guy” is just another fairy tale.

Bill Boutwell 
Jacksonville, Fla.

Borrowing a page from Emerson
Is Alex Miceli saying that anyone who supports President Donald Trump also might be a racist? (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

There is no doubt that our president says things that makes most of us cringe, but I believe that it is more important to watch what people do and how they raised their children.  

I am from the Seattle area, and we have what are called Knoxisms, after the late Seahawks coach Chuck Knox. He borrowed a line attributed to the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

That is how I try to live my life. I don't feel the need to tell everyone how I am not a racist, bigot or homophobe. Just watch how I live my life.

And, yes, I am voting for Trump.

Lawrence Daniels
Bremerton, Wash.

‘Refreshing’ work by Miceli
I'm guessing that it takes a lot of courage by Alex Miceli to challenge Trumpism within the golf community that is likely mainly conservative (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). Well done.

It's refreshing to read something other than get-in-line-because-he's-our-guy-say-no-to-socialism garbage.

And being from Jack Nicklaus’ home state of Ohio, I echo Miceli’s disappointment.

Matt Booher

Don’t lecture us, dummy
So, I guess Alex Miceli is just like the rest of the liberal media (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). The only people with large platforms who are allowed to vocally support a candidate are the ones who support Joe Biden for president. 

Wake up, dummy. Why is your opinion superior to ours? Simple, quiet citizens like me who click on articles don’t need to be lectured about what bad people we are for supporting our candidate. 

I never will read another article by Miceli, and I will bet I’m not alone.  Morning Read’s audience probably is 75 percent pro-Trump, because educated voters vote on policy, not personality.  Good luck with your appeal to the liberals. 

Daniel J. Lesinski
Park Ridge, Ill.

Down with Miceli … way down, in fact
To hell with your opinion, Alex Miceli (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Like many from his profession, Miceli likes to turn to racism, which is total bull.

Stick to golf writing.

Lou Miller
Highlands, N.C.

A member of the Alex Miceli Fan Club
Thanks, Alex Miceli, for speaking out about Jack Nicklaus’ endorsement of President Donald Trump (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

I was disappointed that my golf hero, and the greatest of all time, supported the most dangerous presidential candidate of all time.  

I applaud Miceli’s conviction in speaking out to an audience of avid golfers and readers who likely align more with Nicklaus than Miceli.

I read Miceli’s columns and articles often. Today, I became a Miceli fan.

Lou Johnson
Bucyrus, Kan.

Stay in your lane, Miceli
If Alex Miceli would have restricted his comments to Jack Nicklaus’ alleged lack of minority support, then fine (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30). However, he strayed way out of his lane when discussing President Donald Trump. That he used Nicklaus’ endorsement as an “in” for his point of view does not mean it was solicited.

Johnny Miller said an interesting thing when Tiger Woods had his issues. Miller said he was hired to discuss what Woods does inside the ropes. What Woods did brought into account his integrity, and integrity is part of the game.

Miceli, stay in your lane.

Steve Hoffman
Bonita Springs, Fla.

Miceli missed the obvious
I’m a long-time fan of Alex Miceli’s work. I enjoy reading Miceli’s articles, but I was so very disappointed reading the article about Jack Nicklaus’ support of President Donald Trump (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

Miceli insinuates that Nicklaus has racist undertones and that Trump is guilty of racism and being a hate spreader. I expect a journalist with Miceli’s experience would have at least scratched the surface to find out what specifically makes Nicklaus’ preferred candidate a racist and then contrast him to his opponent.

Trump has done more for the black and brown communities than any president ever has done. Creating “opportunity zones” in minority neighborhoods, prison reform, highest employment ever amongst blacks and other minorities. Miceli’s journalistic integrity is too strong not to have not uncovered those facts. The fact that Miceli choose to ignore them is the problem.

Miceli should support whomever he wants and let Nicklaus vote for whomever he wants. Don’t bash a person for who or why he decided to support a candidate, especially while ignoring the facts.

Miceli is a better writer than that.

John Riper
Garnet Valley, Pa.

This is no place for politics
I don't read this newsletter to hear about politics (“It’s no golden moment for Golden Bear,” Oct. 30).

If I want to hear someone tell me why his or her opinion is somehow more informed or valid than mine, I can watch Fox News or CNN.

Keep your political opinions to yourself and focus on golf.

Tom Wise
West Chester, Ohio

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