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PGA Tour gets it right with return of spectators

If the Champions Tour can accommodate fans safely, then surely the PGA Tour can handle a limited number of spectators this week

I see where John Hawkins is at it again, this time saying it's too soon for fans to return to watch PGA Tour action in person (“It’s too soon for fans on PGA Tour,” Oct. 26).

However, we already had a test case: the Sanford International on the Champions Tour in September (“Champions Tour event to allow spectators,” Sept. 7). I recall watching the event on television, and while I don't know the exact count of spectators, the number appeared to be somewhat typical of a Champions Tour event.

If the Sanford International is any indication, and if what experts are saying about the slim chances of outdoors transmission of the coronavirus is accurate, it appears as if having 2,000 spectators at a golf event should be OK.

We also know that the PGA Tour's medical staff would not have signed off on this week’s Bermuda Championship and next week’s Houston Open having spectators if they perceived it to be a problem.

I understand trepidation from Hawkins, but none of the feared scenarios speculated earlier by him or Morning Read’s Alex Miceli has come to fruition. Let's have some confidence in the PGA Tour continuing to get this right.

Mark Harman
Ridgeland, S.C.
(Harman is the national course director for the U.S. Golf Teachers Federation.) 

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