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A half-century love affair

Reader keeps coming back to a game that offers joy and, however briefly, a feeling that can’t be found elsewhere

Jon Last’s recent article on why people play or don’t play golf (“Study: What’s holding people back from playing more golf?” Oct. 23) and reader Blaine Walker’s letter on the subject (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 27) really hit home with me.

I fell in love with the game at age 14, and it has been a love affair that has lasted for more than 50 years. But why? What pulls me back to the golf course time and time again? I am not particularly good at the game, averaging about 85 and hitting my best drive about 220 yards. And I don’t have the money to play top-notch courses around the country.

But I do have one thing that no other activity can match: the ability to be a “pro” for a brief, shining moment. Any golfer who’s ever made a curling 40-footer or pured a 7-iron over a water hazard and “stiffed it” knows the feeling. It’s what keeps bringing me back.

I love playing every Sunday afternoon with my regular group or by myself after work, and the pursuit of par is always the dragon to slay. The true lover of golf knows exactly what I’m talking about. Nothing else comes close.

Frank Blauch
Lebanon, Pa.

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