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Right idea, wrong place

Golf’s numerous efforts to attract new players might produce better results with audiences of non-golfers, reader contends

Lots of happy talk by the USGA and PGA Tour about growing the game and increasing diversity. There have been promotional spots for The First Tee and Youth on Course, both fine programs, on recent golf broadcasts. I’m not sure whether those spots provide any real effect, especially because this seems to be a prime example of preaching to the choir.

Might not these spots be more effective in promoting growth and diversity if they were seen by non-golfers and a larger minority audience than what the usual PGA Tour telecast attracts? Maybe college and NFL football games or the recent NBA season? Those televised events offer much larger and more diverse audiences, most of whom are not golfers. 

Maybe golf organizations are making huge headway in attracting new players, especially young players from demographics underrepresented in the game, but I don't see it. I just see what is usually referred to as virtue signaling.

Blaine Walker
St. Paul, Minn.

Knock it off, Morning Read
Art Stricklin’s article is such an opinion piece that it shouldn’t even be labeled news (“Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump in golf might be too close to call,” Oct. 22). I’ve had enough political slant from every other news outlet I follow. It’s sad that Morning Read felt it necessary to stoop to this level.

Playing golf well, an enthusiasm for golf, etc., is not even relevant to the upcoming election, no matter whose side you’re on.

Of course, I note that clearly Morning Read thinks that Joe Biden is the proper choice.

Jeff Baxter
Dagsboro, Del.

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