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Why watch PGA Tour more than LPGA? It’s better golf, with more American contenders

When Americans challenge in an LPGA event, this reader pays attention, but his focus otherwise is on the PGA Tour, and he says he’s not alone

I’m an avid golfer and really enjoy watching golf, as well. I’ve given it a lot of thought about what type of golf I watch and why. The conclusion is, I’m normal. I watch the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, college golf, LPGA Tour and European Tour, in that order (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 8).

I watch the PGA Tour the most because it features, by far, the best players and is most entertaining to me, and I’m an American. I don’t think it’s racist to enjoy your own country’s golf better than that of other countries’ players. If I were from South Korea, I definitely would enjoy the LPGA the most, but I’m not.

I watched the LPGA a lot a few years ago when there were more Americans in contention each week. That’s not the case anymore, although there are still several really good American players, such as the Korda sisters, Lexi Thompson, Stacy Lewis and others. When they are in contention, I watch more often.

I know a lot of golfers who feel the same way as I do, and I don’t believe we are racist but just enjoy watching Americans more than players from other countries. I don’t think anyone in Europe has been called a racist for watching Europeans more than American golfers.

Our country has taken politically correct to an extreme. Let us be normal without taking it out of context or making a huge deal out of it.

Hank Haney took a lot of heat for what he said in 2019 about LPGA players, and I totally agree he shouldn’t have said what he did the way he did. However, he was right.

There are better ways to state a fact than the way Haney did it, but when you actually state a fact, you shouldn’t lose your job. It’s perfectly OK to disagree with him, and if enough people disagree, ratings will take care of it.

Tommy Richardson
Athens, Texas

The path toward change in women’s golf
I totally agree with reader Robin Dea and her assessment of the treatment of women in the Middle East (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 8). I’m just not sure that she should limit it to a specific geographic area. But maybe this is exactly the reason why the LPGA needs to play there.

Fathers see things through their daughters’ eyes that they never could see any other way. If the right men see the pleasure, strength and grace that the professional women display on and off the course, maybe the right someone will want his daughter to have more opportunities in the future. It might give the right girl, mother, or grandmother the wisdom to express herself so that change can occur.

Todd Fox
Marble Falls, Texas

Alex Miceli has plenty of company down in that ‘hole’
If Alex Miceli fell into a “hole,” he might have landed on top of me and many other men (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Oct. 8).

In her letter to the editor, Robin Dea suggests that we should examine why we feel ambivalent about women’s golf. An obvious reason may imply a certain bias toward men’s sports, which I am sure generally exists. However, with a true golf enthusiast – and I consider myself to be one – there also is a point of saturation. How much professional golf, or sports in general, can we consume?

I have trouble connecting with some of the lesser-known PGA Tour players whom I see on my TV screen because there are so many of them. Adam Long and Mackenzie Hughes are just a couple of fine players about whom I know little.

The talent on the women’s tour is just as deep, and the golf is just as compelling, dramatic and exciting, but I have drawn an imaginary line through the sports landscape to exclude the majority of televised sports – example: NHL. Maybe if the women’s tour occupied primetime viewing or was front-page featured, more men would be likely to follow.

Come on, Miceli. Climb out of your hole.

Ken Chojnacki
Delran, N.J.

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