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Painting a picture of the course of the future

USGA could take a cue from the long-drive events and draw a line to help halt the bomb-and-gouge brigade, reader contends

Well, is it back to the drawing board for the USGA?

Winged Foot was all that it was supposed to be as a U.S. Open challenge, with the exception of golf's revolutionary man, Bryson DeChambeau (“2020 U.S. Open: It’s Bryson DeChambeau, by a long shot,” Sept. 21).

His performance probably has caused some angst and hand-wringing. But was it a one-off performance? The rest of the field's players fell within the scoring parameters sought by the USGA.

As a suggestion for the USGA's consideration, take a page from long-drive championships. Just paint white lines down the fairways where the first cut of rough usually would fall. No bifurcation, driver rollback, course lengthening or 4-inch penal rough needed.

With an out-of-bounds penalty looming, accurate drives would be a must. Bomb-and-gouge, gone. Traditionalists and masochists would see par as a challenge once more for the U.S. championship.

And executives would not resign (“USGA’s Mike Davis to retire by end of 2021,” Sept. 23).

Dave Richner
St. Johns, Fla.

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