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Somebody needs to keep an eye on Patrick Reed

Reader questions Reed’s conduct at the U.S. Open and wonders why other competitors and the USGA aren’t paying closer attention

I’ve looked at the video in real time and in slow motion of Patrick Reed pushing down the rough at the ninth green during Saturday’s third round of the U.S. Open at Winged Foot.

It’s clear to me (in slow motion) that he improved his lie. Where was the USGA? And was he cheating?

When the TV cameras penalize some players with close-ups and slow motion and not others, doesn’t that go contrary to the way the game is “supposed” to be fair for all contestants?

Just how far down can he tamp and/or push down the grass?

Who is paying attention? Bryson DeChambeau is standing right there.

Does the USGA still have video available to make rules decisions and yet overlooked this incident? Or didn’t look?

With Reed’s past, someone should have been looking.

Another bumbling by the USGA? I think so.

And shouldn’t every player paired with Reed keep a very close eye on him? And by standing close by on every shot, discourage him from improving his lie?

Roger Clark
Hilton Head Island, S.C.

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