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When is a win not a win? In Tour Championship

Xander Schauffele shoots the low score of the week, but that fails to stop the PGA Tour (and its puppet master FedEx) from pulling the strings to crown Dustin Johnson as the ‘winner,’ reader notes

So, Xander Schauffele won his second Tour Championship in four years Monday, but he gets no credit for a win? (“Dustin Johnson ends Tour Championship where he started,” Sept. 8). This only makes sense if the person from D flight in your club championship who had the lowest net total is also considered the club champion.

Who has a problem with the Tour Championship winner and the FedEx money grab – I mean, FedEx Cup winner – being different people? FedEx, that's who.

Clearly, the PGA Tour is being run out of Memphis, Tenn., and not Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Why else would one of the 10 most important tournaments on Tour be moved from Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio, to a mediocre course in Memphis at TPC Southwind?

Dustin Johnson certainly deserved to win the FedEx money grab – I mean, FedEx Cup – based on his play during the past three weeks, but he did not win a tournament on Monday. Schauffele got screwed, and not having the lowest four-round total should not count as a win.

Tom Wise
West Chester, Ohio

Low score doesn’t always win on PGA Tour
Congrats to Dustin Johnson for his brilliant play this season. He is a deserving champion (“Dustin Johnson ends Tour Championship where he started,” Sept. 8).

Does anyone find it strange or odd that the person who shot the low-gross 72-hole score at the PGA Tour’s recent Tour Championship was not credited with a tournament win? I understand the dumbing down of the final event with the staggered start to award only one trophy.

Xander Schauffele shot the low-gross score for the tournament, but a tournament win will not appear on his resume. Scottie Scheffler and Abraham Ancer never have won a PGA Tour event, and it was possible for them to have shot the low-gross 72-hole score and not been rewarded with a tournament win. It doesn’t have to be a money reward but rewarded with the rights and privileges of a PGA Tour victory.

Maybe the Tour ought to address the subject. Maybe the Tour doesn’t care. Maybe the players don’t care. Maybe the public doesn’t care. Maybe I shouldn’t care.

Jerry Adams
The Woodlands, Texas

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