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Don’t compare golf with sports that are more diverse

Any move that golf might make toward improving social justice should begin with how the game treats women, reader contends

In stating his opinion about the role of professional golf in today’s social and political environment, reader Steven Lapper references statements and advocacy taken by the NBA, NFL, MLB and MSL and, in essence, is saying that golf should join other professional sports in taking a position (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Sept. 3).

Professional golf cannot be included in a grouping with those sports. Those other sports are far more diverse than professional golf, and the overwhelming majority of their athletes have faced growing-up hardships a lot different than wondering what time juniors can play at the country club.

What professional golf decides to do should be done on its own. Their players and audience have very little in common with other professional sports.

Now, if golf as a whole wants to get into social injustices, it should look within and work on how it treats women.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

Take the posturing elsewhere
I wholeheartedly agree with reader Terry Brock’s plea to quit the posturing and patronizing of the politically correct topic(s) du jour at professional golf tournaments (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Sept. 4).

Enough, already.

Kitty Russell

Just the golf, please
Do we really have to read all these letters about the current craziness in this country? (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Sept. 2, Sept. 3, Sept. 4). Can’t we just have golf news, please?

Michael Mitchell
Hammett, Idaho

Retire J.K. Wadley Trophy and honor Western Open
Jon Rahm won the second leg of the PGA Tour's playoffs and received two trophies (“Jon Rahm grabs BMW title with style,” Aug. 31). But why was one of them the Western Golf Association hardware, known as the J.K. Wadley Trophy?

The Western Open ended in 2006. Tim Finchem, the PGA Tour’s commissioner at the time, killed it for the playoff series.

The Western Open was a true open. It was America's second-oldest golf tournament, but it died when the FedEx Cup was born. The Western Open trophy needs to be retired. It's hollow for former winners to share their victories with these semi-tested players in a narrow 70-man field.

Please stop hawking the Western Open trophy. It does a disservice to all who played in the second-oldest tournament in America, the Western Open.

Patrick Scott
Lakewood Ranch, Fla.

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