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PGA Tour should stop the sloganeering

If the message ‘Black Lives Matter’ is OK for players’ gear, what about ‘Choose Life’ and other calls to action? Reader suggests a slogan of his own: ‘Just stop’

When players are permitted to wear shoes with “BLM” printed on them or use a golf bag with “Black Lives Matter” on it because some consider it to be just, then in all fairness players with other causes that some consider to be just must be extended the same privilege (“One Take: PGA Tour misses chance to lead,” Sept. 1; “From the Morning Read inbox,”Sept. 2, Sept. 3).

Perhaps we’ll see “Choose Life” printed on shoes and golf bags in an effort to halt the millions of aborted children, “Stop Human Trafficking” to halt the abuse of millions of our fellow human beings, or “Climate Change – an Existential Threat.” If we don’t see that happen, then the PGA Tour is arbitrarily discriminating against some causes in favor of others ... essentially picking winners and losers. If we do, then the playing of the game itself is diminished in favor of sloganeering.

Just stop.

Terry Brock
Jeffersonton, Va.

Suck it up and move on
The complaints about Sophia Popov not getting the LPGA’s traditional five-year exemption because she won the Women’s British Open as a non-tour member are a knee-jerk reaction (“LPGA stymies Sophia Popov with arcane rule,” Aug. 31).

Critics like the player and her Cinderella story. No one said anything about the other players who were in this situation. Where were Ian Poulter and Tommy Fleetwood when this happened to Koreans and Japanese players?

LPGA commissioner Mike Whan’s response was right on. The rule was for LPGA members who worked hard to qualify for the LPGA, and it was a perk for them. Why should a non-member get the perk because she happened to win a tournament that was sponsored by the LPGA? She gets a special exemption – the rest of this year and all of 2021 – as it is. Now, if she were to win again, she would get the five-year exemption.

Everyone who participates doesn't deserve a trophy. Real life has lots of disappointments, and we have to take the good with the bad, adapt and move on.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas

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