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Phil Mickelson should compete against guys his own age

With his best days behind him, Mickelson should focus on the Champions Tour, where he still can win major titles

Phil Mickelson should switch permanently to the senior tour.

Maybe he could play in PGA Tour major championships, but that's it. He can't win on the regular tour anymore. The talent is so good, and much younger. He is past his prime. However, if he played the Champions Tour, he would win regularly and dominate. He could knock off Bernhard Langer and be the dominator, like Hale Irwin and Lee Trevino.

Mickelson should forget his ego. The senior tour is for him.

Vijay Singh wasted those years thinking that he still could compete with the youngsters, but he wasn't even close to winning or a threat to win on the regular tour since he turned 50.

Colin Montgomerie couldn't win on the PGA Tour, but he has won three majors on the senior tour.

I hope Mickelson overcomes his ego and realize how much he could win and dominate on the senior tour.

Gregory Tatoian
Port St. Lucie, Fla.

It's time for Jordan Spieth to try a different approach
I just read a brief update on Jordan Spieth. What a talent going to waste.

After missing the cut at the Northern Trust, a tournament in which the winner was 30 under par, Spieth said, “I’ll keep trucking. I’ll keep working hard.”

The problem seems to be that he’s working hard on the wrong swing. He needs to change back to the golf swing and attitude he used to have.

I’ve read that he is very loyal, but a change in coach would be a great start. It’s downright dumb to keep trying to do what hasn’t worked in almost four years.

Lou Body IV
Jacksonville, Fla.

Another man’s definition of ‘egalitarian’
Sand Valley isn't too far from St. Paul, Minn., and it sounds like it might be fun to play. Reader Al Jamieson certainly was taken with it on his recent visit (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 25).

However, to hail it as making the game "more egalitarian, as it is in Scotland" is a little over the top. If $225 green fees are common at egalitarian Scottish links, those canny Scots are doing a lot better than I thought.

Blaine Walker
St. Paul, Minn.

A golf yarn worthy of the silver screen
Thank you, John Fischer, for sharing the story about Jack McGurn (“Let’s see PGA Tour top this caper at Olympia Fields,” Aug. 25). I found it to be fascinating.

I thought I knew a fair amount of golf history, having played and read chronicles of the game for almost 60 years. This was a yarn I hadn't previously heard. Were it a screenplay, most would admire the imagination of the writer.

Stan Denenberg
Holliston, Mass.

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