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Wouldn’t that be a fitting way for Tiger Woods to go out

Winning the Masters last year, in the spirit of Jack Nicklaus 33 years earlier, would be a better send-off for Woods in the majors than any gold watch

Jack Nicklaus won his last major championship at the 1986 Masters. Tiger Woods and Nicklaus forever will be linked in GOAT conversations.

Wouldn’t it be a fitting final chapter for Woods if his 2019 Masters victory also would be his last major victory?

Though both players won those Masters, it also can be said that they benefited more from someone losing each tournament.

Granted, Nicklaus shot a final-round 65 at Augusta National that was the best round of the day, but he probably wouldn’t have won had Seve Ballesteros not fatted a 4-iron into the pond at 15. Woods played a final round that was a middle-of-the-pack 70, but he benefited from Francesco Molinari and Brooks Koepka dunking short-iron shots into the water on 12.

It was almost as if the golf god said, Thank for your years of service. Here’s a gold watch.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

Channeling his inner critic
Thanks, Dan O’Neill, for your assessment of the coverage of the PGA Championship (“PGA Championship TV broadcast review: Telecast shine in an extraordinary way,” Aug. 10).

I totally agree with your points, especially about the nonstop rattling of the ESPN crew. I do hope they are done with golf for the year. There is way too much self-importance attached to their commentary. Example: “Did I just jinx that guy?”

If I wanted to hear a bunch of guys talking about golf as if they were in the bar at my local course, I’d go to the bar.

Andy North and Tom Rinaldi were the only good parts, but even Rinaldi can be a bit too dramatic. Typically, I like Scott Van Pelt, but not as a golf announcer.

As for CBS, Jim Nantz, Nick Faldo and crew are like a comfortable pair of shoes, but will you please leave the leaderboard graphics up for more than 3 seconds? Especially with the dynamic changes at the top Sunday. I found myself constantly going to my phone to see the leaderboard. The same with putting up the scores for the round by player. Let me absorb it instead of just flashing it up. I do like to count the birdies/bogeys.

Ron Ariana
Western Springs, Ill.

All hail, King Collin
A trifecta doesn’t come close to what Collin Morikawa has: a PGA Championship; a million-dollar smile; a surname of Japanese origin; a girlfriend, Katherine Zhu, with a surname of Chinese origin and one of those smiles; presence in front of a microphone; a business degree; and, lest I forget, a classic, powerful, squeaky-clean golf game that radiates a major bundle of victories (“2020 PGA Championship: Collin Morikawa wins a thriller,” Aug. 10).

He’s got it all is an understatement. His phone must be ringing out of his pocket with promises of world domination.

Ken Olshansky
Wellington, Fla.

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