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It’s time for Jordan Spieth to make a change

Spieth should be winning more often and is overdue for a change in instruction, reader contends

Should those of us who are fans of former wunderkind Jordan Spieth just be happy now when he makes the cut? There was a time when he was challenging some of Tiger Woods’ records about youngest to (fill in the blank). Win that many tournaments so quickly? Win three majors?

Ever since the two dunks at No. 12 in the 2016 Masters, he’s been a different golfer. He regrouped at the 2017 British Open (demonstrating once again his immense talent), but he’s never really been the same.

TV analyst Brandel Chamblee says he could fix Spieth in 10 minutes. Longtime instructor Cameron McCormick clearly can’t. My daughter’s instructor said that if she didn’t see results in a month (that if any student doesn’t see results in a month), she should find a different instructor.

Sure, this is in Spieth’s head, but c’mon. Do something different. We’ve all been in slumps. Those of us who care, dig it out of the dirt. We might go a few weeks, but we find something to restore confidence. Go to Butch Harmon. Do something different.

This 27-year-old should be winning. C’mon!

John Gaughan
Fairfield, Ohio

Tuned in to Mickelson
Saturday’s broadcast of the PGA Championship, with Phil Mickelson in the booth, was amazing.

He provided insight and interesting comments regarding shot setup, fellow participants and how to adapt to weather conditions, subjects that we, as active amateurs, appreciate. His interaction with Dottie Pepper caught the attention of my wife, who will watch golf but insists that I mute Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo, along with the commercials.

I hope to hear more from Mickelson in the future.

Steve Giordano
Lincoln, Calif.

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