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Political bias detracts from ESPN’s coverage

Reader criticizes network for its ‘left-of-center view’ as he keeps tapping the fast-forward button

Kudos to Morning Read and the letter writers who don't care for the ESPN+ treatment (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 7, Aug. 8).

The numbers will speak for themselves, and I will be eager to see the viewership results on the PGA Championship, if we're allowed.

I can't help but wonder whether there will be any sentiment felt about ESPN's political stances. The network certainly has embraced the left-of-center view of recent political and national events. Prominent discussions about Black Lives Matter and activism, painting NBA courts and ball fields, etc., have aired, especially when there were no actual sports to discuss.

One must acknowledge that the prevailing sentiment of the golfing viewer is most likely a bit center to right-of-center.

Count me as pretty much in the middle. I'm not really a bitter Bible-clinger, nor am I a rock-throwing peaceful protester. But I also am not going to finance a network that will jam leftist political views every chance it gets.

I can wait for the real golf coverage. It all goes to tape, anyway, and I buzz through at my leisure, like almost all of America.

Dave Curley
Sacramento, Calif.

Fowler’s Sunday orange gets another rest
So, Rickie Fowler blows it again, eh? (“2020 PGA: Rickie Fowler tries to get cute, but it turns ugly,” Aug. 8).

Is there anyone who makes as many doubles and triples when it counts the most, as Fowler seems to do now? But apparently he has the lowest handicap in the land. I guess we’ll call him "Mr. Tuesday" from now on.

Anyone want an orange shirt, slightly used?

Kenny Drake
Albany, Ore.

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